Welcome To Mindset Mastery!

Strategies To Unlock Your Potential &

Elevate Your Leadership

How can I help you?

Welcome To Mindset Mastery!

Strategies To Unlock Your Potential &

Elevate Your Leadership

How can I help you?

I am so excited you said YES

That you found yourself right here.

Thank you for believing that more is possible. Thank you for investing in yourself and committing to learning, growing, and expanding your mastery, influence, and leadership.

Your YES is a demonstration of your stand for your dreams and the dreams of your family.

The journey can be exciting and messy when you cast a vision worthy of your life. It is a journey that requires you to face the unknown and struggles and experiences that stretch you. You are here because you are ready to tap into your brilliance and experience the life-changing transformations available to each of us.

I created this Mindset Mastery community as a safe place for you to take a moment to reflect and develop strategies for your business and your life. A space where you can be vulnerable and transparent while exploring the challenges you face as you master your craft. I invite you to surrender to a life-changing conversation designed to ensure you meet the next best version of yourself.

As part of our community, you will discover breakthrough tools and strategies to help you develop the mindset, skills, insight, and mastery to transform your life.

You are a Super Achiever!

The coach, consultant, course creator, and entrepreneur who is ready to lead.

The author, trainer, speaker, and leader who has a story you must tell.

I know you are here because you know it is your time. It is your time to lead boldly and become an example, a light for what is possible. It is time for you to inspire, influence, and be a source of transformation.

We have been preparing for you. My entire team is here to serve you.

As you embark on this journey, I invite you to express your brilliance, remember how special you are, and find courage in knowing that the world is waiting for your unique gift.

I am honored to be your guide!

Your fellow Super Achiever,


The Mindset Mastery Mentor Suzan Hart

Suzan has helped thousands cultivate a mindset where a challenge is seen as an opportunity to learn and grow. Popularizing her 5-Step Mastery Cycle, Suzan helps her clients uncover the thoughts, communication, and emotions necessary to access the habits and behaviors needed to respond to change and overcome adversity. An author and storyteller, Suzan created 7 Mastery Principles to help you examine the stories you tell yourself when faced with a challenge and overcome by fear. Suzan’s commitment is to empower you to rewrite your narrative and unlock the vision, purpose, and passion needed to become unstoppable.

What makes Suzan Hart Unique?

Having been physically exhausted and financially upside Suzan knows what it is like to walk through the fire, rise from the ashes, and BREAK FREE. She intimately knows how alone you feel when you are standing for your success, yet you are overworked, underpaid, and physically exhausted. Suzan is committed to helping high-producing men and women be known, rewarded, and celebrated for the finest expression of themselves.

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Read What Our Students Have To Say!

“I found balance between work and family”

Suzan is a true master of mindset, and her programs are filled with practical insights that make a difference. Suzan’s ability to actively listen is just one of her many strengths, and the Executive Mentorship program was both enlightening and rewarding professionally and personally.

The difference for me was finding a balance between work and family, and it’s amazing how a few marginal adjustments can make a world of difference. (ex. the mantra – structure creates freedom means we have a shared family calendar, a notepad for putting ideas on the parking lot to remain focused, a set bedtime, no electronics in bed, etc)

We all need a coach from time to time, and if you’re committed to being the best you can be,
Suzan can help you achieve your goals.

Kye Husbands

“My confidence has increased.”

Suzan is a true leader and an expert in her field. Her unique ability to recognize the areas that require work for successful growth is remarkable.

Suzan provides me with many tips, tools, and systems to reevaluate my values, goals, and habits. The mastermind and individual sessions have increased my confidence in my skills and abilities. My newfound sense of self has improved how I show up each day in the world.

Working with Suzan has been an encouraging and uplifting experience. This mastermind has given me the courage to dare take on new adventures!

Cindy Salter

“A safe space to explore with like-minded individuals”

The Mindset Mastery Mastermind is a safe space to explore with like minds the thoughts and habits that keep us stuck in limiting patterns.  I was able to identify paradigms that were operating below the surface mind which were influencing my decision making.

The mastermind provided the support and accountability I needed to achieve my goals. Suzan’s leadership and wisdom provided thought-provoking questions that helped me build a foundation for my continued growth.

Thanks, Suzan, for providing an amazing environment to promote my continued love of lifelong learning and being the best me!

Shanterial Rozier