FreeStyle 10-Step


The 5-Step Speaker Playbook For Getting Recognized, Hired, and Paid What You’re Worth

FreeStyle 10-Step Challenge

Learn the 2 frameworks I used to craft and deliver my $2 Million Story
even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking when I first started.


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But first, you need the POSTURE and confidence to deliver your message and create a connection with your audience.

It’s time to attract and fill your business with
YOUR Divine Clients.

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Over the course of 5 days you will be introduced to my
5 Step FreeStyle Playbook

Day 1

How your take the stage is Everything.

Learn how to manage the nervousness and fear that comes when you take the stage, whether live or virtual. Whether you are on the live or virtual stage, you have a very short window for people to decide if they will listen to you.

Day 2

The BIGGEST Mistake to Avoid.

Your time on stage is your opportunity to let your audience know why they should listen to you. Most novice speakers (some seasoned ones) also make this mistake. Find out what it is and how you can avoid it!

Day 3

The #1 Question ALL Speakers Must Answer.

This is the psychology and science of why people buy, how to manage the energy in the room, and to master the art of keeping people highly engaged.

Day 4

ETR (Earn The Right).

Now it’s time to move your audience to action. The next step is Earn The Right, which separates great speakers from average speakers.

Day 5

Ask For What You Need.

Does your audience feel comfortable enough to engage? We know it’s a pretty unusual but necessary question. Learn how you can create a safe space for your audience!


I almost forgot! I’ve invited Turiya Hodge, Social Media Strategist, to share how the FreeStyle Talk template has allowed her and her clients to
#ShowUp and #SHINE on Social Media!



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Learn the 2 frameworks I used to craft and deliver my $2 Million Story even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking.

Hi, my name is Suzan Hart.

I was once deathly afraid of public speaking, yet today, I am an author, international speaker, and master trainer.

Since finding my voice, I have taken hundreds of stages, from rooms so big you can’t see people’s faces to small, intimate groups. I have mastered conference calls and Zoom and can adjust to any virtual platform.

The one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that I am meant to speak!
To speak and tell my Story so I may inspire others to do what they are destined to do.

You see, I believe there is power in our stories. Your Unique story can serve as a source of inspiration and a guide to transformation for those who need hope.

Each lesson learned on your journey to success can serve as a roadmap for those seeking guidance and mentorship.

So, I have developed a way to help leaders like you take the stage without being perfect, memorizing content, or showing up other than yourself.

Using the framework I will share with you, my students have learned to command the stage in a few months. Many have launched programs, hosted events, and even been hired to Keynote.

You see, we earn the right to be someone who has influence and impact when we find the courage to navigate the challenges encountered on the journey to where we are destined to be.

It’s time for you to speak and share your journey through a powerful story.

Hi there! I’m Turiya

I am the behind-the-scenes girl turned center-stage social media strategist.

Taking center stage has helped me build brand awareness and attract the right people.

You see, I showed up with big smiles, but behind the scenes, it was chaos. Being vulnerable was not my thing, so I stayed quiet, never sharing my challenges, disappointments, and fears.

Then, I started working with Suzan Hart and learned two powerful frameworks that helped me stop hiding and got me past my fear of public speaking.

As I became more confident, I began to use the two frameworks in my social media posts and videos.

The results…

More visibility, increased engagement and what we all want: to attract our Divine Clients.

I now use this process to help my clients get their authentic messages out on social media.

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