Today, I know that Mindset Mastery is the secret to creating the life you love and enjoy.

However, I once was physically exhausted, financially upside down and suffering in silence.

I thought I had done it right! I put myself through school, earned a sought-after degree and landed an exceptional job. I was a hard-working, result-driven individual who had successfully climbed the proverbial corporate ladder. I was determined, brilliant and reliable. I believed I was a role model for my family and community. I produced results.

My ongoing commitment was to eat well, get more sleep, exercise, and spend quality time with family and friends. The reality was my effort to create that elusive balanced life had me feeling stressed, exhausted, and unable to recognize the person I saw in the mirror.

I was always gainfully employed, yet privately, my secret shame was that my income did not equal my time, effort, and sacrifices.
I secretly wondered, “where did I go wrong? Will I ever be free?”

I knew I was destined to be more.

I wanted to stop building other people’s dreams and begin to live a more fulfilling life. My burning desire was to reclaim my time, health and worth, yet I couldn’t figure out how.

I believe people like you and me are destined to be great. Like many of you, I had the drive and determination to create access to wealth and freedom, but my ladder was up against the wrong wall. To take the steps that would allow me to BREAK FREE, I had to evaluate my skills and determine how they would best serve me. I learned that I had ample knowledge and excellent skills, yet something was still missing.

It’s time to master my mindset, and unleash my untapped power.

Desperate for change, in 2003, I entered the Network Marketing profession. And in 2010, I became one of that company’s top fifty income earners worldwide.

What Changed?

I found the courage to trust myself and take 100% responsibility for my mindset and life. Learning to master my mindset unleashed my untapped power and a level of self-leadership that propelled me forward.

Like me, you have all the skills. Now it is time to develop the mindset, communication and emotional mastery that will allow you to create the success and lifestyle you desire. I am excited to introduce you to the playbook I used to access lifelong wellness, abundant wealth, and ultimate freedom.

Today, I am known as the Mindset Mastery Mentor


I have shared the stage with John Gray, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Earvin Magic Johnson. As an Author, I have also appeared on CDs with David Wood and Stephen Covey and have been a contributing mentor on 2 CDs for the Direct Selling World Alliance. (DSWA)

As a trainer and mentor, I draw from my experience as a highly influential family, individual and group counselor. My experience managing a women’s shelter, a cross-cultural counselling service, and one of the largest drop-in shelters in Toronto’s downtown core has also given me a specialty in crisis and change management.

With 15 years of experience leading and developing teams, I have delivered training in leadership development, DEI, and storytelling. My commitment is to develop leaders and
build teams where collaboration is encouraged. I believe our differences and unique gifts strengthen teams, and our mindset and character are the catalysts that ignite skills, shift attitudes, and build relationships.

I believe that when you master your mindset, you master your life!

The five words best express who I am and what I stand for are:
Integrity, Health, Freedom, Leadership and Community.

My core message is that the first person we must lead is ourselves…

If You Want To Rise Above Challenges, Overcome Fear, and Wake Up Every Day Filled With Passion and Purpose…I Can Definitely Help You.

It’s time to discover a new level of Mindset Mastery!
It’s time to Unlock Your Potential and Elevate Your Leadership!

I am excited to be your guide.