Mindset Mastery Speaker
When you Master your Mindset, you Master your Life!

“To master your mindset is to condition your mind through insight and self-knowledge. It is to understand how your habits, thinking, emotions and communication impact your health, your wealth and ultimately your freedom.”
-Suzan Hart

…Powerful, Engaging and Simply Brilliant!


“Suzan’s message on mindset mastery was mind blowing. Our audience loved her speech and raved about timeliness and relevance of her message in light of the challenges they deal with on a daily basis. Suzan’s message was powerful, engaging and simply brilliant!”



Give Your People the Tools They Need to Perform at Their Best!

Experience a conversation designed to shift culture and introduce a mindset that encourages innovation, personal growth, empowered communication and mindset mastery. Did you know that Individuals with a high level of personal mastery will often produce more results?  When mindset mastery becomes the foundation for culture, leaders take on the responsibility for developing the mindset, communication, habits and emotional mastery necessary for personal fulfillment.  This creates an environment where innovation and growth become the norm, and above-average earnings are a natural result.

Suzan’s Most Popular Programs Can Be Customized For Your Group  Programs may be offered in the form of training, keynotes, workshops or breakouts. Suzan will work with you to create the perfect program for your organization and event. Search high and low and you won’t find another speaker more dedicated than Suzan to making your event a success!

Keynote Option 1

Mindset Mastery Keynote


Gain the wisdom of how your habits, thoughts, communication and emotions influence your ability to create the outcomes you desire so you can win in life and business!

Leaders understand that in order for their people to thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace they need the proper skills and mindset. This talk presents mindset mastery strategies that will inspire your people to assume personal responsibility for becoming a key contributor and influential leader. Every organization needs employees who are trained and ready to navigate change, manage conflict and deal with the stress of rapid growth. Suzan will share practical strategies designed to help your people demonstrate more effective communication and high levels of innovation and performance.

Eighteen Years Experience

Suzan has first-hand experience at helping manage and develop models built on personal mastery and leadership.
  • Do your employees and leaders understand how their thoughts, emotions, and communication impact their habits, behaviors and ability to lead?
  • Are they willing to accept what they cannot control, yet still take 100% responsibility for finding a solution?
  • Do they have the personal mastery to deal with the stress, feelings of frustration and anxiety that are often present when navigating unpredictable circumstances?
In this Keynote, Suzan will share the Mindset Mastery Model designed to help you and your team effectively problem solve and adapt to change while maintaining a healthy, cohesive culture.
“Suzan is one of our most personal and authentic speakers. Her presentation style is natural, engaging, perceptive and entertaining. Her subject matter is always relevant, insightful and original. Her stories truly resonated. She gave our leaders hope, inspiration, education and a new vision of what’s possible. More importantly, they were able to apply her suggested strategies immediately.”
Clifton Ellis Johnson | The EMPOWER Series

“Suzan is one of those speakers that consistently shows up and blows your mind. I have hired her to speak at several of my events because she is super easy to work with and always delivers a powerful presentation that my audience loves. If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire your people to perform at their highest level, then I recommend Suzan Hart hands down!”
Lethia Owens, CSP | Game Changers International, LLC

Keynote Option 2

Communication Mastery Keynote


Strategies for developing more influence, impact and overall success.

When a team is encouraged to share open and honest communication, we find that they are more engaged and the organization experiences a healthier company culture and higher employee satisfaction ratings. This also results in higher customer satisfaction ratings and innovative dialogue which helps a business to thrive.

Whether in a negotiation, sales meeting, navigating change or dealing with a crisis, it’s important to know that you can’t create a successful business or career, strong relationships and a healthy team culture without clear and empowering communication. In this message, Suzan’s teachings go beyond a solid command of the English language, impressive vocabulary or proper grammar and great diction.

In this keynote you will gain insight into how personal history, experiences, values and beliefs impact your ability to communicate powerfully as well as your ability to receive and respond to a message. Participants will leave with an awareness of how their language can evoke emotion, paint a picture and motivate people to engage and take action.

Get ready to enhance your ability to listen and communicate your content in a manner that inspires and moves any audience.

“Suzan is an Outstanding Speaker”

Clifton Johnson, EMPOWER Series

“Working with Suzan is Unbelievable”

Gordon So, Business Wealth Summit

Keynote Option 3

Cultural Competency And Inclusive Leadership

Facilitating A Dialogue Of Awareness, Knowledge And Compassion. Over the years, we have gone from local to national to global. With it comes a mix of cultures and diverse beliefs and experiences in our communities and workplaces. For an inclusive and respectful company culture to exist, leaders are required to embrace and attend to differences. Suzan understands that organizations and businesses must provide services that are grounded in an awareness of issues related to exclusion, oppression, racism, diversity and inclusion. She knows effective leadership and management can only occur if guided by principles related to cultural competency and inclusion.

Effective Leadership


  • Does your organization have a common language, terminology and concepts to facilitate difficult conversations and clear communication where all parties are on the same page?
  • Are employees equipped to work in a multicultural, and multiracial environment and provide culturally competent services?
  • Is there trust and compassion to break down communication barriers and create common ground?
  • Are all members of your organization aware of how their beliefs, values and experiences impact their experience and perception, communication, and decisions?
  • Do managers and executives understand how power, title and privilege influence an individual’s ability to lead?

Suzan will provide insight and strategies for creating environments where individuals feel valued and accepted. Imagine a racial and culturally diverse workplace, where unique differences, talents and skills are the strength of the organization.

Individuals with mindset mastery produce better results and contribute at higher levels, ultimately putting them in the position to receive more promotions and other opportunities for advancement. More opportunity and advancements create a sense of personal fulfillment and access to above average earnings.

So, let me ask you this…

Do you or your organization desire the strength and confidence that is possible through mindset mastery?

How about the opportunity to experience how magnificent and extraordinary it is to be part of an environment where your team has healthy professional habits?

Are you ready to create a culture where everyone is encouraged to tap into their true brilliance and unleash their personal mastery?

If your answer is YES…

I’d love to share how my mindset mastery programs can help transform your people and culture.