Are You Healthy But Not Well?

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I wanted to talk to you about the whole concept of Fit, Fab and Fulfilled. This phrase truly is a representation of my journey  to get fit, feel and find my fabulous, and live a fulfilled life.

Sixteen years ago, while  I was still living and working in Toronto, I found myself tired, exhausted, extremely stressed.  I was losing lean muscle and experiencing a lack of mental clarity.  The reality was I felt horrible and each was a struggle.  I was caught in a vicious cycle which consisted of working long hours and serving everyone else; my family, my children, my employer,  and the team that I was managing.  I had my head down and I was running,  running, running. One day I looked up… and I realized I wasn’t feeling well.  Unfortunately I kept running while the feeling got progressively worse.

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The Difference Between Leading and Managing

SG1 The first person I must lead is myself.

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When I was an employee, I was often told I was an excellent leader. I had successfully led a number of teams, and moved them from producing at a normal level to becoming high functioning, cohesive teams. I had evidence that led me to believe I was an effective leader.

When I got into network marketing, I soon learned that my so called excellent leadership skills weren’t as effective.  I was suddenly leading a volunteer army and to be successful, my definition of leadership needed to shift.

SG2 Leadership is….. The willingness to take 100% responsibility for yourself and the life you create.

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The Brand Called You

SG4 Does the brand called you exude power, confidence, and positive energy-

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Did you know you only have 3 seconds to make a first impression? In other words, when you walk into a room and people take a look at you, in a split second they make a decision of who you are, how successful you are, and possibly whether they like you or not and whether or not they are going to approach you.

SG2 it takes 3 seconds to make a first impression

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