FreeStyle Speaker Certification Program – 7 Payments

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YES! Suzan - I’m ready to rock my Brand-story, Stake my position in the marketplace, Attract my divine client and Make More Money with My Own Customized FreeStyle Signature Talk! 

Suzan, I’m ready to work with you to... 

  1. Increase my Confidence and Posture as I access regular opportunities to practice and present.    
  2. FreeStyle and Deliver an Engaging Talk while receiving coaching and expert feedback that will polish my skills so I can have the audience hang on my every word.
  3. Build my online presence and position my unique message in the marketplace. 
  4. Create a professional online video library that showcases my expertise and services.

Please REGISTER ME for your upcoming “FreeStyle Speaker Certification Program,” where we will... 

  1. Develop and polish my FreeStyle signature talk.
  2. Craft a Brand-Story that Earns me The Right to claim my seat as an expert.
  3. Master the art of engagement by connecting with the audience online and offline.
  4. Learn a talk template that will prepare me to take any stage without relying on reading PowerPoints, cue cards, or notes written in my hand.
  5. Learn to show up, serve, and SHINE online.
  6. Deliver a professional video or virtual presentation.
  7. Optimize my Facebook business page and my Virtual10X speaker profile.

Deposit of $997 + Seven payments of $650

The next Session Begins on January 20, 2024