Master Your Mind, Master Your Life Challenge – Day 6

This might be the first time you are learning the distinction between health, wellness and fitness mastery.  My prayers were answered 16 year ago when I received a phone call from a friend.  She began to share with me a simple system she was using that focused on nutrition, exercise and mindset.  I said YES!  Yes, to reclaiming my health, my time and my worth. Within days I had mental clarity, energy to burn and a sense of well-being.

By putting my health first and learning to work smarter not harder, I have gone from financially upside down to financially free.  Let’s take a moment to evaluate your health, fitness and wellness so you have all the tools needed to design the life you deserve.


Now it’s time to find out what you can do to increase your Health, Fitness and Wellness Mastery. Use what you learned in the video to assess your level of mastery and calculate your score.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how would you score your Habit Mastery?

Now it’s time to find out what you can do to increase your Emotional Mastery.

Use your scores to determine your next steps.

If you scored between:

1-3:  Health, Fitness and Wellness Tip – All change begins with insight. What will you have to accept about how your health, fitness and wellness?  What might you have to accept about the time, care, and attention you have chosen to commit to yourself?

4-6: Health, Fitness and Wellness Tip – Write a vision for your health, fitness and wellness.  As you write you vision focus on where you and going and what you desire.  Resist the temptation to write about what you don’t want or desire to lose.  As you write your vision use all your senses.  Us language that inspires you and paints a picture.

7-10:  Health, Fitness and Wellness Tip – What can do to improve your nutrition, increase your fitness and manage stress?

Every day I meet people who say they want to get fit, feel fabulous, and ultimately live a full and fulfilled life.  Yet despite all their years of education, skills and experience, the life they desire seems to elude them.  Why, because few understand the power of Mindset Mastery.

To commit to the 5 areas of mastery and the 7 Mindset Mastery Principles is to commit to constant and never-ending improvement.  It is to honor yourself at the highest level.  To create, expand and grow.  To commit to mastery is a commitment to uncover the brilliance that lives within you and continually meet the next best version of yourself.

The Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Mastermind is designed to offer an environment where mastery is the primary discussion and support, feedback and accountability becomes the tools used to create lasting transformations. This year-long mastermind allows men and women come together to engage in a conversation that increases their self-knowledge and personal insight.  The safe and supportive environment allows each member to strive to explore the thought and beliefs that impact their mastery and their results.

The Fit Fab and Fulfilled Mastermind is designed to have you master your mindset while you:

  • Set goal that have you be intentional about your future yet living powerfully in the present.
  • Accept and let go of the emotion related to past hurts, fears, disappointment so can learn, grow and live into your highest potential.
  • Begin to see all events, whether positive or negative as an empowering opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Increase your physical, spiritual and mental fitness
  • Learn the power of delay gratification, at times putting off short term pleasures for long term fulfillment.

So, let me ask you this……

Do you desire the strength and confidence that is possible when you are physically fit?

How about the opportunity to experience how magnificence and extraordinary it is, to feel fabulous?

Are you ready to live the freedom and joy of a fulfilled life?

If your answer is YES…

Fit Fab and Fulfilled is the journey for you and I am excited to be your guide.