Master Your Mind, Master Your Life Challenge – Day 4

Communication Mastery is to be conscious of the words we think and speak and how they impact the outcomes we create in the world.

When Pauline joined the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Mastermind she was already a successful entrepreneur with two business.  When asked how she was feeling, Pauline describes herself as busy and feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I invited Pauline to make a simply change her language from busy to productive.  The use of language that was empowering and conveyed order, shifted the Pauline’s energy and her perception of her situation.

Pauline was encouraged to develop a scheduled that allowed her to master how she used her time.  Developing  a schedule as well as clear rituals and routines allowed Pauline to also put aside time for family and self-care. Interestingly, Pauline business has since expanded yet she is managing with an energy of grace and ease.  Simply by changing the way Pauline spoke about her business allowed her to create a new reality.


Now it’s time to find out what you can do to increase your Communication Mastery. Use what you learned in the video to assess your level of mastery and calculate your score.

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how would you score your Communication Mastery?

Now it’s time to find out what you can do to increase your Communication Mastery.

Use your scores to determine your next steps.  

If your scored is between:

1-3:  Communication Mastery Tip – Think of the negative things you say to yourself when you mess up, don’t understand something, of you simply forget to do a task.  Write down how saying the words make you feel.   Now write affirmations you can begin use to replace those words when you are tempted to say something negative about yourself.

4-6: Communication Mastery Tip – Some words impact our ability to create the results you desire.  Words such as can’t, try, hard, busy, should, and impossible.  The list could go on.  List the disempowering words you regularly use. Now replace it with a more empowering word? Make a conscious effort to use these words when in conversation. Notice the impact of your new language.

7-10:  Communication Mastery Tip – Identify an area in your life you would like to achieve success.  Take a moment and visualize what it would feel like to achieve success. Use all your senses as you visualize. Now take a moment and write down what you saw in your vision.  Use words that paint pictures, stimulate your senses and evoke emotions.  Read your vision daily and allow your words to remind you of what is possible.  Speak your vision into existence! 

Like Pauline your life can create change by simply paying attention to the language you use.  Remember communication begin with your thoughts and the conversation you have with yourself.  The power and confidence to which you communicate with the world begins with the grace and honor to which you communicate with self.  Take time to speak inspiration into your life and remember you are brilliant and very special.  Write 5 affirmations that remind you of how special you are. Read them daily.