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Hi, my name is Suzan Hart and I am the creator of Mindset Mastery Mastermind, a program designed to help you create the success you desire while living a life you love and enjoy.  I understand what it’s like to have the knowledge and talent, yet struggle to create the results needed to design the life you and your family deserve. 

After graduating with two degrees, I was at the top of my professional game and a successful role model in my community. However, my secret shame was that I was financially upside down, physically exhausted and in a failing marriage.  The stress of maintaining this facade had me filled with shame, blame, and judgment… on the brink of burnout. It was only when I sat in acceptance of my circumstance and took 100% responsibility for my thoughts, habits, communication and emotions that I was able to build a plan that ultimately set me free.

Years later, I turned my life lessons into mindset mastery, giving me the strategies that created my first million.

As a “Mindset Mastery Mentor,” I teach my clients how to overcome the habits that keep them broke, exhausted, and in the struggle.  May I be completely honest with you? You will never be free by neglecting yourself, and where ‘grinding through the day becomes your means of survival.  It’s time to step into a new possibility, a way of being that gives you access to a life created in the energy of ease, grace and flow.

Today I work with hardworking, result-driven, busy professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to living a rich and fulfilled life. You see, most people believe that hard work and a great education will ultimately set them free. So, they acquire new knowledge, work long hours and chase the next promotion, yet this stress-filled, chaotic lifestyle pulls them further away from their desired freedom, time, health and money.

When working with clients, I help them understand that the success, wealth and freedom they desire begins with the right mindset, rather than just the right activity. And their access to freedom begins by accepting that the stressors of life have caused them to neglect their wellbeing, develop poor habits and put their emotional and spiritual needs last. They begin to discover that wealth is created when they change their mindset from working hard to working smart and learn to leverage systems, skills and relationships.

“Working hard built my character, working smart built my first Million.”

The Mindset Mastery Mastermind is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to help you create the success you desire.  Mindset Mastery is a competency that, when attended to, can elevate your business and, ultimately, your life.

So, what is Mastery? It is the conditioning of your mind through insight and self-knowledge.  To acquire mastery is to understand how your habits, thinking, emotions and communication impact your growth, lifestyle, wealth and success.  It is to accept what you cannot control and take 100% Responsibility for what you can.

This Mastermind focuses on the distinction between knowledge and skills.  It is designed to help you overcome the obstacles and fears that often have you stuck in theory and adopt Purposeful Practice.  The truth is success becomes available when you begin to focus on what you can consistently do rather than focusing on what you believe you know.  It is cultivating a mindset where deliberate action in the face of challenge is viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow.  Mastery allows you to get in touch with the thoughts, communication and emotion necessary to access the habits and behavior that will enable you to respond to the toughest life challenges and make your goals and dreams a reality.

On this journey, you will be introduced to 7 Mindset Mastery Principle designed to help you develop mastery over your mindset, communication, emotions and habits.

You will learn that success begins with a clear vision and mindset mastery gives you the tools to Master Your Mindset and Master Your Life.

“Here is What Our Mastermind Members Have to Say…”

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“I am beyond grateful to Suzan for inspiring me to take on my health and fitness. I learned that mindset is everything and that it is my mindset that I must truly conquer to achieve my goal of taking the stage. Through completing this journey I now know that I can do ANYTHING! I am powerful! I am worth it! I am enough! Thank you Suzan!”

Tracy Hodge

Fitness Competitor and Entrepreneur

“Suzan is the role model I have been looking for. I just cannot get enough of this brilliant, thoughtful and intentional woman. My journey with Suzan through the Mindset Mastery series has transformed my life. Thank you Suzan for creating this path for me to walk on.”

Pauline Smiley

Successful Entrepreneur

Here is What you Get with the Mindset Mastery Mastermind

We meet twice per month. Join the Mastermind as we explore the following:

Mastery Principle Creation.

Most of us know what we do for a living, but very few of us ask if what we do every day will give us the life we desire.   In this section, you will be introduced to the practice of mental representation. This is the ability to create a clear picture of how something is to look, feel and sound in the future.  The goal is to ensure that what you do each day aligns with the lifestyle you desire to live. We will design a vision for your life and get clear on the purpose that drives your vision. The result will be a clear image that guides what you are required to learn and do as well as who you are required to become.  It’s time to build a business that serves your desired life. We will begin with the end in mind.

Mindset Mastery Principle Acceptance.

It’s time to give up shame, guilt, judgment and resignation and truly accept that the challenges we face in life are simply growth opportunities. This is to manage your energy and redefine failure in the face of life’s ups and downs. Imagine uncovering the gifts available in life’s toughest moments and being grateful for the opportunity to learn new lessons, as well as gain insight and new knowledge to no longer be a victim of your circumstances.

Mindset Mastery Principle of Clearing.

A clearing is a space. If you desire success, you must create space for abundance to flow. This discussion will help you create a clearing by evaluating how your physical environment pulls for your success. We will help you build a powerful schedule that allows you to effectively master yourself in time. Finally, you will examine your beliefs, experiences, and self-talk while also gaining insight about who and what is influencing your thinking, communication and emotions.

Mindset Mastery Principle GPS.

Most relationships fail not because of a lack of skills, talent or experience; rather, they fail because the individuals involved are guided by different beliefs, values and expectations. In this conversation, we will explore your Guiding Principles For Success. Get ready to gain clarity around the beliefs and values that guide your life.

Your GPS will create alignment and ensure that you surround yourself and partner with individuals who have similar guiding principles. We will look at your relationships, both personal and professional. This is to ensure that those around you lift you, hold you accountable and are a stand for your greatness.

Mindset Mastery Principles Ritual and Routines

We all have areas in which we excel, things we enjoy doing, and tasks we believe can only be accomplished by us. It’s time to evaluate your skills, talents, and strengths and begin to delegate, holding on to the activities that maximize results and have you living in your passion.

This section is designed to help you evaluate and build systems for your business and your life. We will begin to examine your habits and your ability to manage your emotions when stressed or challenged. You will look at each area of your life and begin to build a system that will allow you to delegate, focusing on your strengths and maximize your time. Your systems will allow you to create time freedom by allowing productivity to continue in your absence.

Mindset Mastery Principle 100% Responsibility

This is to have the courage to take full responsibility for all that occurs is your life. It is to choose to no longer be a victim of your circumstances. To be responsible is grounded in a willingness to reflect and become self-aware. In this section, you will learn the importance of being able to objectively assess a situation, apply new knowledge and become solution focus. It is to initiate informed action and powerfully respond.

Mindset Mastery Principle of Life Long Learning.

This is to make your best better. It is a commitment to set goals that keep you just beyond your comfort zone and use deliberate practice to evaluate your performance and develop systems, routines and techniques to facilitate growth. Deliberate practice is founded on the belief that practice on its own does not improve performance. Rather improvement occurs when you create opportunities for innovation and to develop practices that focus on a specific skill, technique or process. Life-long learning uses continuous feedback to fix problems and focus on growth.

Mindset Mastery Mastermind


Mindset Mastery Mastermind

  • 90-Minute Mastermind Session the Second and Fourth Tuesday of Each Month
  • Access to the Recording of Each Mastermind Session for One Year
  • Worksheets Designed to Create Your Personalized Mindset Mastery Playbook
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability
  • Autographed Copy of Leading With Character


Mindset Mastery Mastermind + Retreat

All Components Included in the Silver Package PLUS:

  • 7-Day Freedom Retreat
  • VIP Evening with Suzan Hart
  • Your Fit Fab and Fulfilled Journal
  • 30-Min Personal Assessment to Prepare for Your Retreat Experience
  • Private Retreat Facebook Group for Continued Support and Accountability
  • The Freedom Factor Journal

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