I’d like to personally invite you to my 

4-week Leading with Character Book Study

Are you ready for real growth, change and transformation?

In this Book Study I will share my working definition of the habits I believe can transform a person’s life. Among them will be the 10 habits that each player embodies to win a championship.

You will leave each class with the following:

  • A working definition of each habit.
  • A formula that will assist you to embodying each habit.
  • A clear image of the behaviors that evokes positive emotions and clear and powerful action.
  • Insight around the habits you will be required to focus on.
  • An opportunity to implement a plan designed to improve your mastery for each habit.
  • A fun experience.

Ever wondered how to lead yourself and become a person that people view as an effective leader and want to follow? Ever pondered how you were going to develop the character of a leader?

A Special Message From Suzan