Get ready to join the FreeStyle Speaker Community so you can rock your Brand-story, 
Stake your position in the marketplace 
and Attract your divine client. 

Suzan Hart - Mindset Mastery Trainer

Suzan Hart

It’s time to Customize your FreeStyle Signature Talk!

You now know the steps you need to take To Craft A STORY That Inspires, Influences and has a Massive Impact on Virtual and Live Stages.  However, if your goal is to be Camera Ready and Turn Your Story into a New Stream of Revenue, the next step is to practice what you have learned.

The single most valuable action I took after learning how to unleash the power of my story was to Practice, Drill and Rehearse.  Yes, I found an experienced mentor that was able to give me the feedback I needed to move from Good to Great. 

The FreeStyle Speaker Certification Program Is a Must!

If you are willing to be vulnerable, give up your need to be perfect and commit to practice so you can Become Unstoppable, it’s time to crack open The FreeStyle 5-Step Paybook! Get ready to Show Up and SHINE

Turiya Hodge - Social Media Strategist

Turiya Hodge


☑️ A Posture that oozes confidence and a level of mastery that crushes the 10 Step FreeStyle Template.
☑️ A Power that comes from embodying the art of FreeStyle. A power that earns you the respect and trust of your audience by unleashing a powerful story every time you take the stage.
☑️ A Program that transforms lives by teaching the lesson you learned on your journey to success.
☑️ A Performance where your presence and engagement has the audience hang on your every word.
☑️ A Position and online presence created by a video library that confidently showcases your products and positions you as a trusted expert and speaker trainer on any platform.


This is 6 Months of practice and feedback
designed to make you Unstoppable!

As a member of the FreeStyle Speaker Community you will…

  1. Record 4 videos or Facebook Lives and bring your best video to your monthly feedback session.
  2. Engage in a monthly practice & presentation session and receive feedback from master trainers and international speakers.
  3. Have access to short training videos that give you the tips and techniques you need to improve your craft.
  4. Build your personal video library that lives on your Facebook Business Page, designed to position you as an expert and showcase your unique brilliance and expertise.
  5. Be listed as a Certified Virtual 10X Speaker and have the Market Domination Strategist promote for you.
  6. Be part of a growing FreeStyle Speaker-Trainer community. Learn alongside dedicated leaders who are committed to improving their craft and dominating the marketplace.
  7. Consistently take any stage with the confidence and posture that you can represent your brand and craft a message that impacts, influences and attracts your divine client.

Join the community of Super Achievers who are ready to Practice, Drill, and Rehearse.  It’s time to become confident that you can clearly convey a message that best represents your brand, services, talents and unique expertise.

You know you’re ready….Go ahead… Register! 

Total Package Value $32,766

Don’t spend another day afraid to tell your story!

Suzan, I’m interested in learning about the FreeStyle Influencer Package!
A 2 Year VIP Mentorship Journey with Suzan & Turiya designed to develop my Unstoppable Mindset, rock my social media, position me as an expert Speaker- Trainer, and ultimately Show Up and SHINE in the marketplace.

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