The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it, for the greatness is there already.” – John Bucha

Have you ever met people willing to exploit the loopholes or bend the rules to win, land a big deal, or be seen as the best?

Or a company that will do what is legal although it is not in the best interest of their employees, customers and stakeholder. 

As Leaders and Super Achievers, we all must eventually face what we will do to win. So, how do we remain guided by clear values and a solid moral compass?

This week learn why staying connected to your vision, mission and values are essential as a leader. Explore why the strength of a company is not its products and services. Instead, it is the people who work to make those products and services possible.


Does Your GPS Drive Your Decisions?

In today’s transparent, social-media-driven world, the values that govern how leaders and those with a high profile do business are often tested. Moreover, how they act and interact with those around them will significantly impact their ability to attract new talent, ultimately, their bottom lines. 

Values and Principles are used to drive decision-making in organizations and are critical in shaping the culture. Culture drives business performance. Your Guiding Principles For Success encompass the beliefs and values that guide your every decision. These principles are fundamental to how you live your life. They are your code of conduct.

Establishing a set of guiding principles creates a compass to refer to when in doubt or you need to take a stand.   They are essential when evaluating any particular opportunity, behavior, or situation.

Great leaders know their GPS is the anchor and the foundation of their leadership. Leaders who operate from a GPS create positive team cultures and environments of clarity and consistency. Difficult decisions are more often accepted because team members trust the backdrop of a GPS. By making guiding principles clear, they eventually become the principles of a team. GPS ultimately creates an environment where accountability, equitable and respectful treatment become the norm.


The More We Trust, The More We Risk 

A negative working atmosphere creates a stressful and undesirable environment where employees can withhold their talents, creativity and passion. As a result, they lose productivity and innovation capabilities. Why? The reality is how people feel significantly impacts how they perform. In truth, innovation requires trial and error. So, to create a space of collaboration to innovate, it is essential to build trust. The trust to take risks. Simon Sinek says, “The more he trusts the quality of the net, the more he will take personal risks to make his act better.” When people feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally, or challenging the status quo without fear of negative consequences, organizations and teams are more likely to innovate quickly and adapt well to change.

As leaders, our businesses and reputations are only as good as the people we employ and the teams we form. The unique skill sets, abilities, knowledge, and experience every individual brings to the table are invaluable. Success is a team effort. It requires dedication, inspiration and passion, and one can never get that without cultivating a culture of trust, mutual respect, and empowerment. 

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