Begin With The End In Mind!

“Goal setting is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.” -Tony Robbins

As you reflect on 2018, how has the year been? Epic and legendary…or…average and just busy being busy?

What will you do over the next 5 weeks to ensure that you are intentional, focused and committed to a game-changing 2019?

Goal setting is one of the most important things you can choose to do.  It takes a few hours, yet most people will begin the new year without goals and a clear plan.

Stephen Covey states “One must start with the end in mind.”  Goal setting is the perfect way to begin to envision your desired outcome or target.   Committing to your goals ensures you will have a year filled with growth, insights, and learning.  Most importantly it set you up to live life by your design rather than by default.

Over the past 15 years, my commitment has been to create each new year with clarity of vision.  For me, that means my goal and plan must be completed by December 31st.  

To close out 2018, I would like to invite those who are ready and serious about having an extraordinary 2019 to my first complementary goal-setting mastermind!

Be one of the 10 who learn my 5 step system for effective goal setting.

This is for you if you felt derailed by life’s circumstances in 2018. This is for you if you have achieved some of your goals, but know that more focus and clarity will create a more abundant year. This is for you if you rocked 2018 and committed to meeting the next best version of yourself in 2019.

As you prepare for 2019, remember the wisdom of Napoleon Hill “Your mind would not fathom something unless it was possible.”

Let goal setting be your access to what’s possible! 

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