“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” ―John C. Maxwell

Do you believe that success is a rare combination of talents that only a few people are lucky enough to be born with?

Why is that some experience extraordinary levels of success while others seem to struggle to just have a small piece of it?

Why is it one person succeeds where another person fails? 

I believe that successful people have developed and cultivated certain habits that the majority of people haven’t mastered yet. According to Brian Tracy: “Successful people are where they are today because of their habits.  Habits determine 95% of a person’s behavior.” As many people begin to work from home for the first time, having good habits can be the difference between a productive day filled with winning results and a day filled with distractions and unexpected “emergencies.”  Watch my video as I share the habits all successful people have in common.

What is a Habit? According to William Makepeace Thackeray “Successful people aren’t born that way. They become successful by establishing the habit of doing things unsuccessful people don’t like to do.” A habit is something you do regularly without conscious thought. It is an automatic mental and behavioural activity. Habits make everyday life possible. They shape how we show up, what we habitually do and how we become known. Let’s look at the 10 habits successful people possess:

1. I am a Visionary! You have a clear and exciting idea that stretches you. Vision only exists beyond your comfort zone. You are always required to learn, expand and grow to fulfill any vision. This is where you are going. Your true north.

2. I live my life on Purpose! Why your vision exists is crystal clear to you. It pulls you into action each day and motivates you to face challenges head-on. A true purpose is most often grounded in service and a desire to contribute to or impact family, community and at times change a world view. Vision is where you are going, purpose is why you are going. It is the fuel for your action.

3. I have a positive self-image. I can achieve anything I put my mind to! This is a strong belief in self. It is to believe that within you lies unique strength and talent. It is to know that you are capable of learning and at times mastering the skills necessary to achieve your goals. It is to understand that your actions, experience and challenges over the years have prepared you for the journey ahead.

4. I am Intentional! Your actions are on purpose. You set clear targets, establish clear and measurable goals, and you line up your actions to ensure you achieve your goals. It is to act as if you have blinders on. You are focused on where you are going, you are not derailed by challenge or easily distracted.

5. I am Committed! You are 100 percent committed and ready to pursue your goals and vision until they are achieved. You are not stopped by fatigue. You are not stopped by fear or uncertainty. You are willing to ride the ups and downs to overcome all challenges. Your commitment is to learn, grow and expand in order to become the person capable of fulfilling your goals, purpose and vision. You are internally motivated.

6. I am Persistent! You understand that your commitment is kept alive through the habit of persistence. Persistence allows you to overcome challenges. When life knocks you down, you always get back up, often picking up a lesson on the way. You do not fail. Rather, failure is seen as an opportunity to learn a lesson, and you use that lesson to keep moving.

7. I manage my Emotions! You manage your energy, not allowing circumstances to determine your attitude, behaviors or habits.

8. I am Enthusiastic! Your energy is infectious. Your energy, attitude and way of being, inspires others. When people are around you, they believe they can achieve more. You are a source of inspiration. You have influence.

9. I value Time! You understand that time is a valuable resource that, once lost, you can never get back. You have learned to master yourself in time. You respect your time and teach others to respect your time.

10. I have Personal Integrity! You honor your word even when no one is watching. You understand that your confidence, self-esteem, and trust are created by being true to your word. You are more empowered, and your dreams are given life through personal integrity.

No matter where you desire success, habits are key. For example, long term health is never available through quick fixes and cosmetic changes. True health becomes available when you master new habits. Success leaves clues. Embody the traits and habits of successful people and watch what becomes available!