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Turn your story, skills, and expertise into a Magnetic Message
that gets you recognized, hired, and paid what you’re worth

October 11th – 15th, 2022 at 12 PM EST

Free 5-Day Challenge

Learn the 2 frameworks I used to craft and deliver my $2 Million Story
even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking when I first started.


Once you register, you’ll receive my FREE 10- Step FREESTYLE Signature Template that is designed for entrepreneurs to impact, inspire and influence their tribe.

But first, you need to know how to craft a message that creates a connection.

It’s time to attract and fill your business with YOUR Divine Clients.

See proof below on what’s possible!

Over the course of 5 Days You Will Be Introduced to my 5 Step FreeStyle Playbook

Day 1


Confidently showing up isn’t half the battle. It Is THE battle!
Whether you are on the live or virtual stage you have a very short window to make that first impression. You’ll feel more confident after this challenge.

Day 2


There is power in your story!
Your story tells the world who you are and why you exist. Learn how to share your story and show up powerfully on stage.

Day 3


You are the expert!
Learn how to create your program from the lessons hidden in your story. It’s time to Earn The Right (ETR) to be the guide

Day 4


Engagement is EVERYTHING!
Find out the secret behind why people take action. Get ready to be hired and paid what your are worth!

Day 5


Become known as an expert.
This all about how to increase your conversion rate and command the fee that you want.


I almost forgot! I’ve invited Turiya Hodge, Social Media Strategist, to share how the FreeStyle Talk template has allowed her and her clients to
#ShowUp and #SHINE on Social Media!

See What Other’s Have To Say:

I would recommend this program time and time again. The team is excellent, fun and amazing to work with. ​

They inspire me to work smarter and to be true to my divine self. I have mastered the art of storytelling with passion and purpose. ​ Using their winning technique, I feel highly confident speaking with ten people or 10 thousand people at any event. ​

Take the first step. You will not be dissatisfied.

Patricia Larocque

Author & Mindset Trainer

One of my biggest fears was forgetting my speech while in front of an audience.​

Working with Suzan and Turiya, I learned that I did not have to memorize my talk. Instead, I learned a simple talk structure that gave me the freedom to speak from the heart.​

When I did my first keynote, not only did I take the stage without using notes, I also received an invitation to deliver a keynote at my dream event. Wow!!​

Heather Bunch

The Courageous Coach

I took toastmasters for many years.

After 2 days with Suzan Hart, I was able to get hired and paid to speak.​

My presentation was so effective that they hired me for the conference the following year.​

I Love FreeStyle!​

Gaby Abdelgadir

This program helped me realize the power of my story and how it can help many women. ​

Most importantly, by unpacking my story I discovered who I really am, and how much I am destined to accomplish.

Claudia Ojeda

There is valuable content and lessons hidden in your story.​

I believe every professional and entrepreneur need these programs.​

Kye Husbands

Project Manager & Owner of Kivify

I presented a talk on Overcoming Mental Health Challenges. They were blown away and incredibly grateful to me for being so open and honest about my struggles in life and thankful for the lessons I taught. ​

Thank you so much to Suzan Hart and Turiya Hodge for all your training. You have all helped me get an amazing start to my Public Speaking career.​

A big THANK YOU to the amazing people I met in the UTP sessions.​

Ryan Davie

Suzan Hart known as the Mindset Mastery Mentor, is an inspirational speaker and master trainer. Her commitment is to guide entrepreneurs with no speaking experience, limited time and little to no online presence to use storytelling to have a bigger impact and generate bigger profits.

Her belief is that every individual can master the stage when they courageously reclaim their story and share the lessons discovered on their journey.

Suzan knows it is not success in itself that makes you great. The right to be someone who has influence and impact is earned when you find the courage to navigate the challenges found on the journey to where you are destined to be.

Hearing the saying, “the person who commands the stage owns the city”, Suzan came to understand that speaking and storytelling was the secret to creating success. By finding her voice and mastering one story, Suzan was able to generate over $2 Million during her network marketing journey.

The one thing Suzan knows beyond a shadow of a doubt is that she is meant to speak. Being a sought-after Keynote and Trainer, Suzan continues to use storytelling as a way to get recognized, hired and paid what she’s worth.

Her clients turn to her to help them find their voice, uncover their story and develop a message that gives them the confidence to step on to virtual and live stages.

Now she wants to share her 5 Step FreeStyle Speaker Playbook with you!



FREE 5-Day Challenge! Register Today!

Learn the 2 frameworks I used to craft and deliver my $2 Million Story even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking.

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