Unleash the Power

of Your Story


Turn Your Story, Skills and Expertise
Into a Magnetic Message That Gets You Recognized,
Hired and Paid What You’re Worth.


You probably heard the saying, “Your MESS can make your Millions!

On This Free Masterclass, I will show you how.

Get access to the 2 frameworks I used to craft and deliver my
$2 Million Story, even though I was deathly afraid of public speaking when I first started.


Yes, a way for you to take the stage without having to be perfect, memorize content, or show up other than yourself.

My FREESTYLE Speaker Playbook will help you:

  • Get noticed and attract your Divine Clients.
  • Get booked and increase your number of speaking engagements.
  • Get paid what you are worth.

These are the two simple frameworks my clients have used to command the stage in a few short months.

I’ve seen my clients launch programs, host events, and be hired to Keynote.

This simple process allows you to make an impact on the world.
Helping leaders like you share their message is why I’m so passionate about my playbook and sharing it in a FREE Masterclass.

In this FREE Masterclass, you will learn:

    • How to Confidently show up – Whether you are on the live or virtual stage
    • How to tell your story – So your audience knows who you are and why you exist.
    • How to create engagement – So people take action, and you get hired and paid what you are worth.

No need for a long list of credentials or a hair-raising traumatic experience.

And you don’t even need to show up perfect!
You need to be yourself and tell your story.

It’s time to step beyond fear, judgement and perfection so you can….

Be Camera Ready and able to take any stage at any time!

Get ready to use your story to change your life and your business.

Meet Your Unleash The Power Of Your Story Hosts:

Suzan Hart
Mindset Mastery Mentor:

Know as the Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker and master trainer who is committed to mentoring hard-working, results-driven coaches, consultants, and thought leaders.  Her belief is that every individual can master the stage when they courageously reclaim their story and share the lessons discovered on their journey.

Turiya Hodge
Social Media Strategist

Known as the Social Media Strategist, Turiya Hodge intimately understands that owning and operating a business comes with many challenges but believes that online marketing should not be one of them. Turiya shows coaches, consultants and thought leaders how to successfully integrate online strategies that will allow them to attract, engage and excite their audience, create brand evangelists, and ultimately generate revenue.