“Of course, there is no formula for success, except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life, and what it brings.” – Arthur Rubinstein

Do you believe that your happiness or lack thereof is a reflection of your perception of current situations or do you blame someone else for your problems?

Are you someone who trusts that everything happens for a reason and better things will always follow? Or do you judge, blame and over-think things?

Consider there are two ways of being when faced with a challenge: accept what’s happening, see the positive and find the lesson or purpose; or fight and struggle against what is occurring and simply choose to suffer.

Psychologist Carl Jung once wrote: People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.

The first step to improving and transforming your situation is to acknowledge it for what it is!

Acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts of who you are without shame, blame, or judgement. You acknowledge all of yourself–the good and the things that need improvement.

Watch my interview with Victory Coach, Inspirational Communicator and Author Kawan Glover as we explore the Mindset Mastery Principle: Acceptance. Learn how resisting what is can plague an individual even after the trauma has ended. Learn how acceptance allowed Kawan to rebuild his life and move from feeling like a victim to becoming the hero in his life’s story.