“The more your behavior in the moment is consistent with what you feel your ideal behavior should be, the more you like and respect yourself and the happier you are.” – Brian Tracy

Do you have beliefs and values that guide you? 

Do past experiences trigger you? 

The most challenging situations to manage are those that create feelings of fear, anxiety, anger and frustration.  Not to mention circumstances that cause physical and emotional pain. These emotions often create indecision or irrational and impulsive behavior. Watch this video as I share why each of us must install our GPS. Like in a car, most people become lost and off-track without a navigational system. Get ready for this life-changing Mindset Mastery Principle. 

Your Guiding Principles For Success encompass the beliefs and values that guide your every decision. These principles are fundamental to how you live your life. They are your code of conduct.

In the world today, there are endless distractions that can pull you away from what is most important to you. Navigating through all the noise and clutter requires focus and clarity. Establishing a set of guiding principles creates a compass to which you can refer when in doubt or you need to take a stand or evaluate any particular opportunity, behavior, or situation.

Why is your GPS necessary?

Having a list of guiding principles allows you to make values-based decisions and choices.  As a result, you need careful thought and reflection to list the principles that best represent your beliefs and what you value. Guiding principles help you stay focused on what’s important. They keep you in alignment, regardless of your circumstances. Your GPS  keeps you moving in the right direction and allows you to do what is difficult: rather than popular or easy.  When navigating issues that evoke bias or prejudice, having a GPS is essential.  Your GPS is the key to making sound decisions when faced with issues related to power and privilege, as these decisions often activate a need to maintain control by using coercion or manipulation to exclude or even oppress others. 

Great leaders know their GPS is the anchor and the foundation of their leadership.  Leaders who operate from a GPS create positive team cultures and environments of clarity and consistency.  Difficult decisions are more often accepted because team members trust the backdrop of a GPS. By making guiding principles clear, they eventually become the principles of a team.  GPS ultimately creates an environment where accountability, equitable and respectful treatment become the norm.

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