Suzan Hart

I remember sitting at an event listening to Jack Canfield speak. During his presentation he said there was a distinct formula for success.  He described success as being similar to the combination to a vault; if you had the right formula you would open the vault and have access to the treasurers inside.  As I listened I was fascinated, because the level of success I desired seemed unattainable.  I had tried many things but something was always missing.  What would change if I could learn the formula? How would it improve the quality of my life? I listened at the edge of my seat anticipating Jack would reveal the secret formula, but that moment never came.  I was disappointed and I left the event determined to find the secret formula.

What I found was that the formula was not a secret at all, rather in was ones ability to consistently apply some basic habits. It was the compounded effect of some simple habits applied over time.  As I began to learn and understand these simple habits I developed my own success formula.

Character x Skills x Attitude x Relationship

This simple formula, when applied consistently over time, can truly enable you to achieve your goals both big and small. Mastery in one area of the formula will not create success, rather it is ones ability to create mastery in each area of the formula that truly creates the access to all you desire.  Mitch Hume calls this formula the ultimate multiplier. You can multiply your level of success by making incremental growth in each section of the formula.  Let’s look a little closer at each section.


Your character is the sum total of the habits you execute daily.  If your habits are poor, chances you are not achieving the success you desire.  If your habits are positive and consistently executed you are most likely moving closer to your goals. A great example is health.  Often your health is a direct reflection of your habits in the area of health and wellness. If you are someone who eats fast foods, drinks too much alcohol, smokes and rarely exercise, chances are your health will be a reflection of those habits. Great health will only become available if you change your habits. Successful people are aware of the habits that will move them towards their goals and they consistently execute these habits over time.


Every profession, craft, or game has its own unique set of skills, which when mastered provides access to success. It is usually those individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves and master the skills that rise to the top.  Michael Jordan was not the most naturally talented basketball player. However he was willing to practice until he mastered the skills that create an elite player.  His habits and work ethic resulted in him becoming one of the most skilled players in the NBA and many would call him the best player to ever played the game of basketball.


Your attitude is your energy. It is a reflection of how you view the world. Your attitude will determine if you see possibility or doom. People who achieve success most often have a never give up attitude. They may fall down but they will always pick up a lesson on their way back up. They see opportunity where other may see failure. They will muster courage when others are stricken with fear. People with great attitude greet each day with desire and live life to its fullest. When Michael Jordon was cut from his high school basketball team he could have quit and accepted defeat. It was Michael Jordon’s attitude that gave him the courage and tenacity to practice, and continue to move forward even when faced with defeat.


One cannot create success on your own. Your success will be determined by your ability to build meaningful connections with those you meet. It is your ability to surround yourself with magnificent people; those individuals that demand the best of you and cause you to stretch.  Relationships are cultivated by your willingness to serve and contribute to others. To build a powerful relationship is to give of yourself. It is to be vulnerable, transparent and honest.  Steven Covey states that one must seek to understand then be understood.  I believe this is the foundation of a good business relationship.  Seek to find out what others need, willingly serve and in return you will be rewarded.


The success formula is simple yet few ever experience its magic.  It is to create personal mastery by developing the million dollar habits.  It is to become a master at your craft.  Success is attracted when you allow your attitude to create you latitude and your relationships to determine the environment where you choose to play.