“The hardest thing to ever do is to reveal the naked soul to the world. However, in doing so brings healing, growth, strength, and powerful inspiration!” ― H.E. Olsen

Do you remember a moment when life came down your street, ran you over, backed up and parked on your chest?

You know the time you were left wondering if you will ever be able to get back up.

We all have those moments, yet we keep them buried. Hidden away deep inside us is a memory that secretly haunts us. You know that memory that stops you from moving forward. 

Now imagine that same pain being the birthplace of a powerful keynote, book or program.

This week in Unstoppable Mindset, we will explore why telling her story has allowed Claudia Ojeda to access a new level of healing. Our conversation reveals how Claudia uses her most painful experience as the foundation for creating a much-needed program.  


“Make your mess your message.”― Robin Roberts.

Everyone has a story! A challenging experience we can translate into a helpful message to benefit others. The truth is pain is a part of life. Pain can be a catalyst for you to grow into a more well-rounded and mature individual capable of handling the ups and downs in life. However, getting through that pain is all about mindset and choice. You can choose to wallow in grief or despair, or you can choose to find the lessons hidden in the mess that created your pain. 


The Healing Power of Telling Your Story

What gives storytelling power is not your triumphs and successes. Instead, it is uncovering the lessons that become available in your most vulnerable moments — your experiences of loss, grief, self-doubt, fear, failure or even shame. When Claudia found the courage to explore her story entirely, the healing power changed her life and became the fuel that motivated her to share her story.  

By choosing to share and take responsibility for the circumstances in her story, Claudia freed herself from the burdens of the past and no longer saw herself as the victim. In the interview, Claudia shared that choosing to be vulnerable and authentic while telling her story gave her audience insight into the challenges and disappointments she faced and the lessons and personal growth needed to succeed. Being transparent while vividly sharing her story took the audience on a journey while also emotionally identifying and connecting with her. Essentially, storytelling made Claudia relatable because engagement occurs when your audience can relate to stress, insecurity, foolishness experienced after making a mistake, and fear when trying something new.

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