Mindset Mastery Speaker
When you Master your Mindset, you Master your Life!

“To master your mindset is to condition your mind through insight and self-knowledge. It is to understand how your habits, thinking, emotions and communication impact your health, your wealth and ultimately your freedom.”
-Suzan Hart

Chronic illness consumes 50% of a company’s claim expenses.

Employees with high overall well-being have 62% lower health costs than people who are struggling with a chronic illness.

Suzan’s Most Popular Programs Can Be Customized For Your Group 

Programs may be offered in the form of training, keynotes, workshops or breakouts. Suzan will work with you to create the perfect program for your organization and event. 

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Mastering the Habits and Mindset that Create Influence and Success

Whether you are interacting with clients, leaders in your field or dealing with internal or external stakeholders, your ability to inspire, influence and impact  is essential to your leadership and ultimately your success.  To be seen as Fabulous is only possible is when you have mastery over your thinking and self-leadership that is born of exceptional habits and the integrity to execute a clear plan.

Fabulous is the energy others experience when around you. Your attitude lets them know that you have developed the insight and self-knowledge that gives you the personal mastery necessary to manage the change and growth needed create massive results.  During this program Suzan will share timeless strategies for Mindset Mastery and personal success.

Character is the sum total of your daily habits executed over time.  It is the things you say and the actions you take without conscious thought. The reality is you are known for what you habitually do.  To understand how your habits impact how you are perceived can shape how you show up, the success you achieve and the life you design.

Attitude is reflected in your ability to manage your emotions.  It is how you manage your thoughts and energy in the face of life’sups and downs.  To be seen as someone who is calm when dealing with change or challenges and reliable under pressure is an essential leadership quality.

Relationships is all about your ability to connect, truly listen and show compassion yet still communicate an open and honest message.  Effective relationships are only possible when you understand and are led by clear vision, belief and core values.

Innovation is  to have vision.  It is the introduction of a new idea, technology, product or the improvement in an existing product or method of production.  In this fast-paced world with itsrapidly changing technology, a key requirement for your successful is your ability use your skills and experience to be Innovative.

How to authentically inspires, influence and impact.

You can’t create a successful business and healthy relationship with out clear and empowering communication. Master communicators have more influence, impact and overall success. Businesses were open and honest communication is encouraged, thrive. The secret to becoming a master communicator is to understand your audience and the intent of your message. It is to be authentic, vulnerable and transparent, allowing your audience connect, trust and engage with you.

Suzan understand that communication as an essential success skill. She will teach you that
communication goes far beyond an impressive vocabulary, proper grammer and great diction.

During this program you will learn:

  • How your personal history, race, culture, experiences, values and beliefs impact your communication and your ability to receive and respond to a message.
  • How to use language that evoke emotion, paint a pictures and inspire people to engage and take action.
  • How to use stories both personal and professional to connect with your audience, gain their trust and position yourself as the expert.

“85% of why people engage and buy, is determined by
the confidence, influence, and impact conveyed in your message.”

Discover why  Health + Wealth = Freedom.    

When Johnson and Johnson implemented a wellness initiative, they reported an impressive return of $2.71 for every dollar spent.  The reality is that no corporation, business or individual can afford to neglect the physical and emotional stress that comes with a commitment to create a successful and thriving business or career.

When you possess the skills and habits to better manage your health not only do you feels fantastic, you are more than likely equipped with the mindset and habits to better manage your relationships, finances, and stressors that come with producing massive results.

 By sharing life lessons and personal and professional stories, Suzan will lead a discussion that will reveal that health is a mindset, rather than just an activity. During this discussion Suzan will share 3 key areas that require attention when on your journey to get fit and feel fantastic

Health focuses on the management of chronic illness such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.  Lifestyle management such as nutrition, hydration and sleep are essential when attempting to create an effective long-term health plan.

Fitness is the movement of the body.  Exercise increase strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.  Your commitment to your physical fitness provides more energy and mental clarity, while equipping you with the skills and habits to excel personally, financially and professionally.

Wellness is a mindset. It is your ability to develop healthy strategies to manage stress and deal with your emotions.  It is reflected in your daily habits and your willingness to set boundaries that enable you to excel professionally while attending to self-care.

Mindset Mastery ignites habits that will have you respond rather than react to challenging events.  You will learn to manage the emotions that bubble up when faced with a challenge. Your newly found mastery will provide you with energy, clarity, and habits to move beyond life circumstances, and have you achieve the results you desire and ultimately deserve.



Fit and Fabulous individuals will often produce more results, ultimately putting them in the position to receive more promotions and other opportunities for advancement. More opportunity and advancements create a sense of personal fulfillment and access to above average earnings.

So, let me ask you this…

Do you or your organization desire the strength and confidence that is possible through physical and financial fitness?

How about the opportunity to experience how magnificent and extraordinary it is to be part of an environment where everyone looks and feels fabulous?

Are you ready to create a culture where everyone is encouraged to live the freedom and joy of a RICH and fulfilled life?

If your answer is YES…

Fit Fab and Fulfilled is for you and your organization, and I am excited to be your guide.