Are You Ready to Learn How to Get Fit, Find Your Fabulous and Become Deeply Fulfilled?

Join Me on a Luxurious Tropical Mind-Shifting Experience.

Imagine stepping off a shuttle into the indescribable bliss of a paradise only found on the shores of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. You’ll find white sand beaches, turquoise crystal clear water,  and lavishly prepared accommodations awaiting you. You smell the saltiness of the ocean, the fragrant vegetation and delicious aromas coming from exquisite local cuisine from our personal chef. You are greeted by a local host who instantly makes you feel like royalty. You witness a gorgeous backdrop of the Caribbean Sea meshed into the perfect getaway…

Imagine knowing that at the end of the week when you step back onto your plane you will be a different person. Through mindset-mastery, you’ll be filled with self-love, confidence, strength, power, and appreciation for who you are and what you offer to the world.

Enjoy the Opulence of VILLA ALTA MAREA – St. Thomas

Welcome to a Whole New Adventure.

Welcome to the Fit Fab & Fulfilled Freedom Retreat.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands – Feb. 3rd-10th, 2021

Hi! My name is Suzan Hart, and I believe you deserve to meet the next best version of yourself!

Mindset Mastery is the Key! 

I’ve made mistakes and oh my goodness I’ve learned some lessons. I’m excited to teach you how to triumph over limiting beliefs and gain mindset mastery so you can develop greater self-respect and self-love. 

I invite you to join me at the Fit, Fab & Fulfilled Freedom Retreat for a week-long transformational experience like you’ve never experienced before. You’ll discover the REAL barriers holding you back from achieving your health goals and learn powerful strategies to break through to your next level of success, significance, and satisfaction! As we explore the beaches, we will do the inner work that makes the outer work.

This program is an adventure, get ready to put theory into practice. Get ready for a tropical adventure, designed to help you set goals, create new habits and transform your beliefs. It’s time to honor, love and embrace the uniqueness that is you.

When was the last time you stopped running around for everyone else and ACTUALLY took time for you?
It’s time to fill your cup up first.

Most would say the simple equation to optimal fitness is to eat less and exercise more… so why is this not working? Why are 80% of North Americans overweight and out of shape? Why are we so emotionally and personally challenged by our physical well-being? After years of personal struggle, I have come to know that exercise and nutrition is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health….How you think is as important as what you do. Mindset mastery is the key to long lasting results. 

Have you been on that (damn, boring) never-ending Treadmill, but find you are physically exhausted… and no further ahead?

Get BOLD, step off, shut it down…It’s time for something new.

Mindset Mastery…Accessing a new level of self-care, self-respect, and self-love.

Love Is An Action Word

Pauline Smiley
Toronto, ON
Entrepreneur, Mortgage & Investments

When Pauline Smiley registered for the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Mastermind and Freedom Retreat, she was the queen of multitasking. Pauline worked long hours, did calls in her car, and had little time for herself or her family. Although her business has experienced years of success, Pauline felt stagnant and exhausted. She had a desire to be the best Pauline she could be and was looking for a circle of influence that would challenge her. When she saw Suzan speak she believed she found the mentor and influence she was looking for.

While participating in the Freedom Retreats Pauline learned that taking care of her health was an expression of her self-love and self-respect. More importantly she realized that LOVE is an action word, and if she truly loved herself she would take steps to take care of herself. Pauline learned that structure, time management and actually slowing down, created the time freedom she was looking for.

Today Pauline’s business is growing yet she is able to find time for her self-care, her husband and two sons. Pauline attributes part of her business growth to her new level of personal integrity and her willingness to assess and take risks. Two key lessons she learned while facing her fear and ziplining 10 miles.

Declarations that Pauline left the retreat with are:

  • I am courageous!
  • I am Integrity!
  • I am true to myself!
  • I am persistent!
  • I walk with love energy!

“Suzan is the role model I have been looking for. I just can’t get enough of this brilliant, thoughtful and intentional woman. My journey with Suzan through the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled series has transformed my life. Thank you Suzan for creating this path for me to walk on.”

The Year of Cathy!

Cathy Sexton
St. Louis MO
Productivity Expert

When Cathy registered for the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Freedom Retreat, she described it as “just what the doctor ordered.”   Encouraged by her friend Lethia, Cathy took a leap of faith, boarded a plane and found herself on the beaches of Cancun. Her husband of 37 years had recently past and Cathy was still experiencing a deep sense of loss.  She knew she needed to move on, yet she was struggling. How do you move on after sharing so many years with one person?

While at the freedom retreat, Cathy was able to immerse herself into the luxurious environment and spend quality time with other like-minded men and women. Leader who were also on their individual journeys.  They shared meals, adventures and life changing conversation.  New friendship where made and lasting memories were created.

Each day of the retreat Cathy chose to play full out.  The reward was a new level of self-awareness and the next step in her healing.  While Ziplining, Cathy became present to a need to honor her body and commit to a new level of health and fitness.  The vision and mirror exercise, inspired Cathy to begin a new chapter in her life. A desire to live life to the fullest and love every minute of it immerged.  Cathy vowed to nourish and care for her body in a manner that expressed her self-love a new level of self-respect. She created a vision where her business was thriving, and she had a second home at the beach.

As Cathy left the retreat she declared it the “The Year of Cathy!”   She is now reconnected to the beauty of the women she is destined to be.  A determined, confident, energetic and strong women. An independent woman who plays full out and is seen as a role model for her daughter and clients.

“Everybody needs this program!  Suzan has the ability to see what you need.

She created a space where I felt safe and understood.”

Are You to Ready to Learn it, Live it, Own it?
It’s time for Transformation, Mindset Mastery and Inspired Action!

Yoga with an ocean soundtrack will create an experience of amazing relaxation and self-reflection. What we carry in our body is often what we carry on our body. Imagine unpacking your deeply hidden self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors, while being pampered at the spa, where everything is designed to help you slow down, relax and savor every moment. I will show you how replacing the bad habits with those that nourish your mind, body, and spirit, will provide you with a solid foundation for optimal lifetime health.

How many times have you started to see results, then gradually slip back into the bad habits and situations you KNOW keep you from achieving your goals?

Drop the baggage! Shift your mindset and get ready to meet the physically, emotionally, and spiritually, leaner, lighter you!

Do you ever feel as though you are carrying the world, your family…. your ancestors… and all the associated drama, chaos and preconceptions on your shoulders? (Uh Yeah!!) Challenge yourself both mentally and physically to discover the secrets to overcoming the obstacles both real and imagined, which sabotage who you are committed to being. Get ready for an experience that will shatter self-doubt, fuel possibility, and re-design your future.

Here’s What You’ll Experience at the The Fit, Fab and Fulfilled Freedom Retreat

Welcome Reception: 

Join us and experience cocktails and connecting with like-minded people in a luxurious environment where you truly feel that anything is possible… because it truly is.

Get ready to experience the 7 Mindset Mastery Principles that will have you get FIT, feel and find your FABULOUS, and live a rich and deeply FULFILLED life.  It time to live life from the wellness driven belief that Health + Wealth = Freedom

I am the Creator: My Inner Work Makes My Outer Work

Have you ever found yourself being an angry giver? Doing for others while exhausted and feeling neglected?  If your answer is yes, like me you created that situation by first neglecting yourself, and teaching others to do the same.

This is an opportunity for you evaluate your priorities and begin to put yourself and your health first, building a solid foundation for your life. You will learn your health is a way of thinking, before it can be a way of being. Consider that your health is the foundation for everything you do and the wealth, relationships and lifestyle you desire occurs with an energy of ease when you fill your cup first and give from your overflow. 

Lose the Baggage: Create a Path to Health, Wealth and Freedom

What are you carrying with you? Is your baggage over the limit and costing you unexpected fees? It’s time to unpack, let go and carefully select who and what you are going to carry with you.

In this section, you will learn to create a lasting environment that pulls for your success. If you desire success you must create a space or environment for abundance to flow. We will help you evaluate how your friends, family, beliefs, experiences, and self-talk influence you thinking.

Just say, “YES!” and take your leap of faith. It’s time for our jungle expedition to places unknown. This is where we begin to accept that life truly is an adventure.  This is your opportunity to quiet your mind, walk in faith and surrender to all the journey has to offer.   A Fit, Fab and deeply Fulfilled life is created when you develop mastery and choose how respond to each situation.

Cake, Whine and Gossip: Acceptance – it is what it is!

“You do not take care of that which you do not love, honor or accept.”– Suzan Hart

Do you look in the mirror and judge, criticize and disapprove of the reflection you see? The thoughts, beliefs and experiences you carry in your body, often show up on your body. It’s time to let go of shame, guilt, judgment and resignation. It’s time to accept… it is what it is.

In this section, you will begin to understand how you use food as a coping mechanism. You will be asked to become present to your feelings and acknowledge your response when you are confronted with negative or challenging situations. It is time to access the power, confidence, and energy that is available when you love honor and embrace the unique brilliance that is you. 

Building the Brand of You: Where Your Focus Goes Your Energy Flows

Like building any new structure, the foundation for your health and wealth must be created before you take action. You can’t change your life with the same mindset that created it, it’s time to change your mind.  Consider that your mastery over your mindset, habits and emotions is the internal foundation that will yield your external foundation.

In this section, you will get clear on the principles that guide your life.  We will help you create personal mastery. You will look at your relationships, business and health practices, to ensure that they align with your goals, dreams and desires.

It’s time for a luxurious adventure. Imagine a midday saunter and a luxurious meal on the beach.  Get ready for the opportunity to kick back and allow your mind to wonder and dream. Remember where your focus goes your energy flows.

It’s time to visualize what you desire.  Stay open, your miracle never comes in the package you expect. The question is, will you be able to accept the package and see the beauty?

Apples, Yoga and Positive Self-Talk: Fuel Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Success is created when we choose to pursue lifelong learning.  If you are not growing you are dying.

In this section, you will learn to set goals that keep you just beyond your comfort zone. Your body and your mind need a steady intake of quality fuel. Making your best better, is to continually nourish your mind, body & soul. It is to nourish the brand of you.

Welcome… It’s time to rest, relax and rejuvenate. Yes, It’s Spa day.

If health + wealth creates freedom, success is created when we choose to pursue lifelong learning. In all areas of your life, if you are not growing, you are slowly dying.  As we close, we will send you on your way with goals that keep you just beyond your comfort zone. The reality is that lifelong fitness is only possible when we commit to picking up and living into our health each and every day. Similarly, wealth is created when you have measurable goals and a clear plan that guide your beliefs, choices and daily actions.

Freedom is experienced when we each have the physical, emotional and financial resources to live our life by design.  To support your learning and ensure success, you will leave the retreat with your personal journal and a carefully designed action plan.

All Retreat attendees will receive:

  • 7-Day Freedom Retreat
  • VIP Evening with Suzan Hart
  • Fit Fab & Fulfilled Workbook
  • Fit Fab & Fulfilled Journal
  • 30-Min Personal Assessment to Prepare for Your Retreat Experience
  • Private Retreat Facebook Group for Continued Support and Accountability
  • One 90-Min group follow up call 30 days after the retreat

Take a break from the hustle and the grind and gift yourself the experience of a lifetime.
Are You Ready to Join me at a Luxurious, Tropical, Mind-Shifting Experience?

Health is a journey, not a destination… and our success is determined by how fabulous we feel and how much fun we have along the way. Although our luxurious stay will have an end, the feeling that you have finally achieved true freedom will remain in your soul. The memories of the crystal clear water, the exotic resort adventures, new friendships, and the power of community will remain in your heart. You will finally have the mindset and tools required to move past the simple “diet and exercise mentality” and live into your lifetime fitness mindset.

This journey is for hard working, results driven men & women, who are aware that true wealth and success is achieved through a foundation of physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Fit and healthy individuals who feel fantastic will often produce more results in business, finances, and life in general. Simply put, feeling fabulous creates more opportunity for advancements; which in turn creates a sense of personal fulfillment and access to above average earnings.

I have discovered that focus, productivity, and creativity as a professional or entrepreneur, occurs with more ease when I embrace my health. Your opportunity to feel fantastic, find your fabulous, and live a deeply fulfilled life is available through your personal physical fitness and the development of your mindset and leadership mastery. During this transformational retreat, we will uncover, layer by layer, the link between physical and financial fitness. All the tools and practices we explore will have a very clear financial and business application, which will solidify your belief that health plus wealth creates freedom.

Don’t Wait! Space is Limited.

If you are ready to experience a new level of success created through self-awareness, self-love and self-respect, be one of the few chosen to join us.


* The base price includes double occupancy. Please let us know if you would like to register for a single occupancy room.