“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

Are you struggling with accepting something?

Are you stuck in an unfulfilling job or wrong profession all because you are not accepting your reality?

Perhaps you are waiting for something better- like a promotion, retirement, or for your kids to leave home to make a change.  For many of us, accepting the reality of our life can be hard. For example you have clothes in your closet in various sizes!

Consider that change, growth and freedom in any area of your life begins with Acceptance.

Watch the video to learn the steps I’ve used to accept myself, my life and my reality. Discover what’s available when you move from fighting life to acknowledging it, then embracing the DATA.

What is acceptance?  

The Mindset Mastery Principle Acceptance is to gain insight and understanding by taking an inventory of your present situation. It is to forgive and give up shame, blame, guilt and judgment. It is to examine the facts and analyze the data.

Here are key steps you can use to accept the data and begin to view it as valuable feedback needed for you to learn, grow and experience transformation.

1- Look at the data objectively.  

Accept what is, without judgement of yourself or others.  To do so you must be willing to give up emotions such as shame, blame, guilt and worry. Your ability to simply take an unbiased inventory of the facts is the first step to improving any situation.

2- Re-frame the meaning you give the event.

Examine the story you are telling yourself about the event. Chances are your interpretation of the event goes beyond the facts and is colored by your opinions, beliefs and past experiences. Tony Robbins says: “Meaning equals emotion and emotion equals life. The meaning you give your experiences will always change how you feel — and the emotion you feel always becomes the quality of your life.”

When you become present to the meaning you give to an event and the emotions that meaning evokes, you are better able to re-frame the experience. 

3- Learn from the experience: become Solution-Focused.

Begin to view the experience as an opportunity for you to learn, grow and become stronger. To do so you must choose to find the lesson or purpose behind every challenge and embrace it. You cannot control what challenges life places in your path, however, you can control whether you decide to be a victim or the hero in the story you choose to create. 

4- Get into action.

To live a remarkable life, it is vital you take consistent action in spite of the events life presents. Fears and doubts are natural human emotions, yet emotional mastery allows you to choose whether you move from fear and doubt or faith and hope.  

The late Jim Rohn reminds us that life happens in the middle. That in order to know happiness we must experience sorrow. In order to appreciate the sweetness of victory, we must be touched by the feeling of defeat that failure brings. Accepting the data and mastering our mindset allows us to experience the growth that is only possible when we persist and rise from each fall. Success is not just about achieving the goal, it is distinguished by who we choose to become while on the journey.