Imagine yourself in a skyscraper. You are sitting in the penthouse office on the highest floor, looking out your glass windows. As you sit there confidently admiring the horizon, you marvel at the buildings around you. Some of them are shorter, some disappear into the sky above you, while some are just beginning their construction process, nothing but steel beams. Watching each building you realize that no matter the size, each building was born out of the imagination of one individual.  Once an idea, each structure now serves as a home for a unique community, attracting individuals who have come together to fulfill a common purpose and vision.

At Penthouse Leadership we are committed to assisting you

in acquiring the skills and tools to build your leadership from the ground up.

Just like the construction of a building, leadership is all about taking an idea, casting a vision, and having enough faith to find the resources to create your vision as tomorrow’s realty.  You see people do not follow individuals with grand ideas; people follow those individuals who have the courage to trust their intuition and turn grand ideas into a new reality.  Leadership is about inspired action.  Inspired action is born out of purpose, passion, personal mastery and a will of steel.  Successful leadership is cultivated through personal transformation and growth. Before you can lead others, you earn the right by leading yourself.  In leadership you become the catalyst for change not by what you say but by who you are willing to become.

At Penthouse Leadership we teach you how

to bring forth the best of which you are capable

The next time you look at a skyline of a beautiful city take a moment and admire the tallest building.   Ask yourself, what allows it to sway in the wind, weather major storms, and withstand the subtle rumbling and shifting of the earth below it?  All great building stem from a blueprint that ensures a deep foundation, a solid frame, and interplay of systems.  Imagine a skyscraper without a foundation or applying bricks and mortar without a frame. Can you imagine a building without the interplay of electricity, water, ventilation, or sewage systems?  In all amazing structures the blueprint ensures all these essential parts are in play before anyone is invited to occupy the space.

At Penthouse Leadership we provide you with

the blue print to achieve you own greatness

Leadership follows the same principles. One cannot lead without a clear blueprint or a solid foundation.  I know the first person I lead is myself.  In other words I am grounded in a leadership that moves from my inner world to my outer world.  To do so I must develop the attitude, habits and character that enable me to sway in the wind and whether any storm.  I must have a vision, mission, and purpose I can hold on to when the ground shakes and my ideas are challenged.   I must ground myself in values and principles that keep me focused and allow me to make decisions that are fair even in the roughest of storms.  The right to lead is not given to those with titles and silver tongue, rather it is earned by those who are willing to take action, set the example and be the first to travel where most are not willing to go.

Join the Penthouse Leadership community

and develop the attitude, habits and character

that enable you to sway in the wind and whether any storm.

To someday admire the view from your personal penthouse is simply a decision.  Become the leader others can’t help but follow.  Commit to a leadership journey that begins from the ground up.  Commit to Penthouse Leadership.


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