Unleash The
Power of Your Story!
2-Day Training

April 21-22, 9am-3pm EST – VIRTUAL “LIVE” SEMINAR

How to Turn Your Skills and Expertise Into a Magnetic

Message That Gets You Recognized, Hired and Paid

What You Are Worth


A technique for crafting a message that authentically inspires,
influences and impacts on virtual and live stages.

The Game Has Changed…Have You?

Overnight, we have seen all conferences and events either postponed, canceled or moved to a virtual stage. This resulted in lost income for many speakers and experts who depended on these platforms to earn a living.  This unexpected change also leveled the playing field, creating opportunities for experts and entrepreneurs who were not speaking on big stages to get their message heard without limitations and for minimal cost. 

Does the thought of speaking into a camera make your heart race and have you breakout into a cold sweat?  

Do you wonder if anyone is actually watching or do you fear being laughed at, ridiculed or embarrassed by some obscure yet unexpected comment. 

How about the devastation of having your content or expertise challenged by your peers or someone you respect?

I get it!

But there is someone, somewhere in the world waiting on your story.  

Imagine using your story to create the breakthrough that inspires someone to take action and experience a transformation.

It’s hard to speak your truth when society has taught us that to survive we must fit in, never be vulnerable or risk being fully self-expressed.  However, the truth is, if you aspire to be an impactful leader or successful entrepreneur, you are required to speak.  

Powerfully crafting a message that positions your product, your service and most important your vision into the marketplace is no longer a nice to have but it is a critical skill that you can’t do business without.

Today, that means mastering the art of influencing and converting listeners into customers through the power of storytelling and being able to crush it on any stage. 

Even a Virtual Stage!


My name is Suzan Hart and like you I know what it’s like to be deathly afraid of public speaking!


  • I have listened at the edge of my seat as Michelle Obama reminded us to own our story.  
  • I watched Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen’s teaching inspire us by telling  the Chicken Soup stories.  
  • I have been moved hearing speakers like Oprah and Nick Vujicic challenge us to live our lives without limits. 
All I knew was I desperately wanted to be able to do the same but I struggled and here’s why…

You see, when I was in elementary school I was publicly humiliated by my teacher.  My family had recently immigrated from Trinidad and my accent and skin color became a reason for the kids to tease and bully me after a teacher claimed that I was not pronouncing any of the words correctly.   You see, I was confident I could read, so I volunteered to read in front of the class.  I soon came to regret that decision and vowed to never do it again.

Perhaps you too have been stopped by someone else’s definition of perfection. Or maybe you have had an experience or hold a belief that keeps you silent because you feel judged as you attempt to share your unique message?

My classroom experience completely shut me down and a once vibrant and curious child became fearful of asking questions or doing anything that would draw attention to her difference.

I felt stuck and ashamed so I did what any normal person would do: I told people I was shy to keep myself from getting embarrassed.  My fear of speaking lasted until I was about thirty eight and caused me to miss too many opportunities to advance my career.

Don’t let this be you!

It was not until I met a mentor who encouraged me and taught me a simple technique, did I find my voice.  He inspired me to: 

  • Give up my need to be perfect, so that I could learn to be great.
  • To believe that when authentic Suzan took the stage I would move and connect with an audience like never before.
  • To see my vulnerability as my biggest strength rather than my weakness.
  • He encouraged me to use my story and the lessons learned on my journey to teach, inspire and impact.  
  • Connect with an audience and make them feel seen, heard and valued.

And everything changed in my life and my business when I told my truth by being vulnerable and sharing my story…

It is not success in itself that makes you great. The right to be someone who has influence and impact is earned when we find the courage to navigate the challenges found on the journey to where you are destined to be.

Since finding my voice I have taken hundreds of stages, from rooms so big you can’t see the faces, to small intimate groups. I have mastered the conference call, Zoom and I can adjust for any virtual platform. The one thing I know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that I am meant to speak, in order to tell my Story, so I may help others do what they are called to do. 

You see there is power in our story. Your story can serve as a source of inspiration and a guide to transformation for those who need hope.  Each lesson learned on your journey to success, can serve as a roadmap for those seeking guidance and mentorship. 

Imagine learning to tell your story with an energy that tells others you have walked the same path and emerged from the fire stronger, victorious and able to lead the way. Imagine being able to craft a story that speaks directly to your divine client and tribe.


Imagine Unleashing The Power of Your Story!

The question is how do you effectively take your story and become a person of Impact and Influence?

I created my Unleash The Power Of Your Story program because I want to help people like you. I know how it is to feel frustrated and powerless and unable to fully communicate what you truly want. 

Not any more. It’s time to let go of anxiety and get unstuck!

  • Communicate authentically so you can inspire others to do the work to become the person they desire to be.  And More Importantly, to do the Work With YOU!
  • Connect and inspire others by turning adversity and challenge into a special gifting that makes you stronger.
  • See your vulnerability as a strength and a source of inspiration.
  • Connect with and capture an audience’s attention so they are left hanging on your every word.
  • Feel confident that you can clearly convey a message that best represents your brand, services, talents and unique expertise.



The secret to crafting a story that plays like a movie and uses your vulnerability to connect with the audience, increase your influence, and let people know you are the mentor to inspire them to make the changes that will impact their life.



FreeStyle Template

The proven step-by-step system Suzan uses to authentically take the stage without notes and build a successful International Speaking Brand. 


The psychology and science on why people buy, how to manage the energy in the room and  to master the art of keeping people highly engaged.  And much more…

Unleash The Power Of Your Story
Is not just another webinar where you fight to stay awake!
This is an Interactive, Power Packed, Experience.

Get ready to dance, engage with new people, and be stretched. 
You will leave with techniques you can immediately apply.

Unleash The Power Of Your Story

Craft your unique message. A message based on your lived experience, crafted to touch, move, and inspire your tribe.

Find The Lesson Hidden in Your story:

What makes you unique is not your skills, it is the vulnerability of the lessons learned when life came down your street and left you bumped and bruised. The lessons learned when you chose to get back up. It’s time to develop a program that puts your brilliance to work by maximizing your skills, talent, experience and expertise.

Earn The Right:

Everyone loves a great story. It is time to learn how to capture an audience so that they go on a journey with you. Learn how being authentic, natural and transparent can earn the trust and admiration of an audience.

Master The Stage:

Speaking and storytelling is part art part science. Every talk has a system that when mastered makes the art appear effortless. This is where you learn to build your talk, enroll an audience and manage the energy of any room. This is where you learn a structure that allows you to powerfully take the stage in a moments’ notice and crush it every time without fail.


Authentically connect, inspire and influence an audience. Imagine a presentation without notes or memorization. Give the audience the opportunity to share and contribute to the presentation.

Genuinely Connect:

Never leave a room without creating a connection. This is where you master the art of connecting and extending an invitation to members of your unique tribe. This is the art of finding people who are motivated to invest and engage your services.

This program was made for you if you are:

  • Deathly afraid of speaking, or feel a burning desire to tell your story, however, haven’t been able to “do it”, or
  • Would like to use your existing platform to have a bigger impact and generate bigger profits…

You are in the right place.

It’s time to Crush the Virtual Stage and Unleash The Power of Your Story!



$1497.00 (+Tax)

If you have a product or service you want to sell or you simply want to transform others through the power of your story whether offline or online, this is Program is for you.


April 21-22, 2023: 9am-3pm EST

Meet Master Trainer Suzan Hart:

Know as the Mindset Mastery Mentor, Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker and master trainer who is committed to mentoring hard-working, results-driven coaches, consultants, and thought leaders.  Her belief is that every individual can master the stage when they courageously reclaim their story and share the lessons discovered on their journey.

Meet Your Event Host Turiya Hodge:

Known as the Social Media Strategist, Turiya Hodge intimately understands that owning and operating a business comes with many challenges but believes that online marketing should not be one of them. Turiya shows coaches, consultants and thought leaders how to successfully integrate online strategies that will allow them to attract, engage and excite their audience, create brand evangelists, and ultimately generate revenue.

The event will be streamed live with Zoom, best thing to do is download Zoom now so you already have it installed on your device.



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