According to the Washington Post, nine out of 10 NFL Players suffer at least one major injury. Furthermore, most NFL players accept a certain amount of pain as a fair exchange for football’s compensation.(1)

Duane ButlerThis was true for former NFL and CFL football player Duane Butler. After playing professional football for 10 years Butler reports he was at a lost when it came to getting to the bottom of his physical discomfort. “My first steps in the morning were excruciating,” says Butler. “Desperate, I was willing to try a variety of treatments, in hopes of getting to the root of my discomfort. I found that all each healthcare professional could provide me was temporary relief, if I was lucky. I soon began to believe the adage that all football players destroy their bodies while they are playing and suffer for the rest of their lives!”

As Butler’s football career was coming to an end not only was he dealing with a host of injuries, he was also concerned about the various health concerns that plagued his family. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity are among the top four leading causes of death for the African American community and his family was no different. Determined to find a solution Butler turned to taking vitamins in hopes of finding an answer but again the relief was temporary!

67 years old and he didn’t miss a beat!

Fortunate to have a neighbor who witnessing Butlers painful journey Butler received some help. He was introduced to a gentleman that shared with him the power of nutritional cleansing and a new nutritional system. At first Butler described himself as being skeptical. “Could this man be trying to take advantage of my status to gain exposure?” At the same time, however, Butler thought the theory did make a lot of sense.

To alleviate his skepticism, Butler challenged the 67-year-old presenter to join him for a workout. “I figured if he was in such good shape then he wouldn’t have any problem training with me the next morning. To my surprise he showed up, ran up hill in the woods with my dog and me and didn’t miss a beat!”

Impressed, Butler decided to give the products a try. He wanted to have the same energy as he aged. “Here I am in the locker room with guys half my age and they can’t even finish one practice for a host of reasons.” After researching and learning more about the products and the integrity of the company he is confident that he made the right decision.

Butler has been faithfully using that nutritional system for five years now, and he’s never looked back. As his overall nutrition and health improved, so has his discomfort. Nowadays, Butler is an active coach and trainer.

A newly found security

Like the gentleman who shared with him, Butler is fortunate to also benefit from his referrals. With an expanding client list, Butler is compensated $300-$500 per week just by sharing this simple, high-quality nutritional system with others.

In his role as a trainer and coach Butler is paid when he is in front of a client. His referrals, however, have created a source of passive residual income for Butler, that comes naturally to him as he integrates nutrition into his training business.

Passive income is the security Butler is building to ensure his family always has an income should he choose to retire, go on vacation or is otherwise unable to work. That security provides a peace of mind he never experienced during his pro-football years. And, he says, sharing the products that changed his health is rewarding. “Helping an athlete to increase their performance while managing their health is a gift. Helping a couple changing the way they look and feel and be financially rewarded for sharing, are all results I am proud to hang my hat on!!”

Duane Butler is a leader in the F!T Is The New $eXy Movement.

Black men and women who have drawn a line in the sand and have chosen to reclaim our health, co-create generational wealth and become a beacon of Physical and Financial fitness in the black community. Join the F!T Is The New $eXy Movement today.

Duane Butler is a personal training and strength and condition coach. To learn more about Duane Butler’s training visit http://NiagaraAcademyofSports.ca.


Suzan Hart is a master trainer, author and coach with over a decade of experience in counseling. She has worked extensively in women’s services and child welfare and specializes in crisis and mediation. Personally, she’s found that optimal health has lead the way to financial health and is passionate about sharing life-changing options and opportunities with those who need them most. She is a millionaire in the profession of network marketing and the founder and president of HartZone Inc.   Suzan is the founder of the #FitIsTheNewSexy movement.


(1) http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/feature/wp/2013/05/16/do-no-harm-retired-nfl-players-endure-a-lifetime-of-hurt/