“You don’t need to be better than anyone else; you just need to be better than you used to be.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer 

Do you love to win?

Do you compare yourself with friends, co-workers, or other business professionals?

Watch the video to learn what’s possible when you shift your mindset from the competition and focus on yourself to “Make Your Best Better”!

The concept “Make Your Best Better” refers to the process of continuously striving for personal growth and improvement. It’s the idea of becoming a better version of yourself every day. This healthy competition with yourself allows you to master new skills and consistently improve.

While it may seem simple, this mindset shift to making your best better, allows you to avoid the discouragement or the distractions that come with unhealthy comparisons. Instead, it is to celebrate others’ achievements and use them as inspiration for pursuing your own. Learn from the strengths and gifts you see in others and commit to improve and grow in that area a little each day.

Healthy competition with one’s self brings out your personal best. It has you commit to excellence. When you’re concerned about being better than you were yesterday, you are never bored. Rather you become creative, solution-focused and innovative.

Take a moment and reflect, where you can Make Your Best Better!

Let us know what actions you plan to take to meet the next best version of yourself.