Failure is success in the making…


“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill


Your greatness is the end product of your perseverance. Keep your eyes focused on your goal and keep moving forward. Consider failure as a learning curve on your journey to success. You can’t stay where you are and expect your goals to come to you. You need to keep moving ahead.


Is your situation reason to give up or is it motivation to keep moving forward?



Does failing actually make us failures?


Your access to success is having a perspective broad enough to see how failure can truly help. On my journey, one of my biggest learns is the understanding that there was always something to be learned after a door closes.  The secret is to have the courage to keep moving in the face of perceived failure.


Consider every challenge and each endeavour where you thought you failed. Now look at it from the context that failure is your access to becoming part of the 3%! Those individuals who have pursued and achieved excellence. Those individuals that understand that their 10,000 hours can only occur through the mastery of the highs and lows that is any journey to success. Wouldn’t your experience then be much more tolerable?


The opportunities that become available after the so-called failure is the biggest gift. It made what I wanted, pale in comparison to what I eventually got. I just had to be patient enough to see it unfold.


To fail is to stop the action.


An actual definition of failure is the omission of occurrence or performance specifically : a failing to perform a duty or  . Notice that the definition has nothing to do with the outcome. To fail is to stop the action. It is the belief that failure is linked to the outcome that makes it misleading, as it is an attempt to describe an event that leaves us with nothing—no opportunities, no chances, no understanding. However, when is that actually the case? Failure is only failure if  YOU say so. FAILURE can only occur if you choose to stop. It is inaction. It is when you give up on your hopes, dreams and desires. In fact, success depends on those struggles, those attempts, those defeats. Success requires that climb up. It is the climb that makes you the person that can achieve your desired outcome.


Fail, learn and grow, become part of the 3%!