“Where focus goes, energy flows. What you focus on expands.” – John Whitton

Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed with seemingly unfixable problems?

Do you focus on the negative and what isn’t working in your life when tough times occur? 

When you turn on the news, do you get discouraged that almost all of the content is negative? 

I have learned that how I deal with any challenge has everything to do with my energy, attitude and focus. I have learned to become Solution-Focused.

Watch the video to learn the mastery habit of becoming Solution-Focused. Discover how you can use every challenge as a catalyst for change, growth and expansion.

What is Solution-Focused?

Solutionfocused is a commitment to view each challenge as an opportunity to grow.  It is to view each challenge as an opportunity designed to mould you into the person who can easily manage the life you are living into.  

Here are my 7 key transformational tips you can do right away to become Solution Focused:

  • RECOGNIZE when you are stopped.  Common feelings are fear, nervousness, frustration, anger or intense discomfort.
  • CHOOSE how you are going to manage your feelings. You can suffer or focus on a solution.  Suffering is optional!
  • SHARE your feelings and thoughts with a friend or mentor.  This is not a pity-party. Explore your feelings and begin to brainstorm and explore possible solutions.  
  • ASK yourself “What am I to learn from this situation?” Your mind will begin to search for an answer. 
  • SIT with the learning. Breath out the fear.  Trust your intuition and remain open.
  • FOCUS on the solution. What are the behaviors that can facilitate change?
  • ACT in spite of fear or discomfort.  New behaviors only become habits with consistent and persistent action.

This week focus on one challenge.  Use the 7 steps to become solution-focused.  Trust the process and watch the magic happen.