“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela


What is that imaginary rope that keeps you tied up?


Is it fear? Is it anxiety? Is it uncertainty? Is it the ever looming unknown?
Whatever it is for you, know that it exists in your mind. Our lack of freedom is a condition state. It is the mindset fed to us by social structures, systems and conditioning. It’s the news, some churches, the schools and even our family and friends. Sadly, the lack of freedom is born in our need to fit in and belong to something bigger than ourselves. It is chaining ourselves to the concepts, ideas and limitations set by others and then living through them.


To be free is to ignite ones free will, freedom of thought and freedom of choice.


Freedom  +   Health   =   Wealth


If my life had a theme, it would be:  Health + Wealth = Freedom. 


Health, little can be accomplished without ones physical, emotional and spiritual health. Think of a time when you had the flu or an injury, and how it impacted the various areas of your life. Chances are you had to choose out of certain activities and put parts of your life on hold.


Wealth, because it pays for the ride. As much as we may want to convince ourselves that money is not important, the reality is, it contributes to more divorces and life stressors than almost any other resource. Think of how much time is spent in the pursuit of money. However, wealth is not money. Wealth is only possible when income is not attached to time.


Freedom, is time and the ability to freely choose what you do with that time. To say YES to all that life has to offer. Not from a place of have to but from a place of choose to. To access freedom, is to build a new muscle. It is to it is to say YES when all of our social systems, structures and conditionings are screaming you should say no. Freedom is a mindset. It is a way of being and thinking that gives birth to the actions that create your freedom.