“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” – Søren Kierkegaard 

Have you ever limited how big you were willing to dream because of your race, gender, perceived ability?

Or have you grown accustomed to the words, “people like us have to work twice as hard to create the same opportunity.” 

This week in Unstoppable Mindset!, we explored why your internalized bias and negative beliefs could be putting a lid on your success. Learn how the meaning attached to a memory can determine that memory’s impact on your life.


“Heroes are not made. They are born out of circumstances and rise to the occasion when their spirit can no longer coexist with the hypocrisy of injustice to others.” – Shannon L. Alder.


We Are Meaning Making Machines!

Many people are walking around basing their present and their future on the past. Of course, it is essential to learn from the past and reflect on your previous experiences; however, if you only spend time focusing on the past, the future will be hard to envision. Simply put, you cannot move ahead and experience actual change while you constantly focus on history.

When you change the meaning and narrative of your past, you simultaneously change your present and future narrative. Our story is continually evolving and changing based on the experiences we are having. So, no, the facts about your past can’t change. But the story you choose to tell yourself about them absolutely can change.

Unfortunately, most people are not strategic about creating their identity. They are unaware of how the daily meaning-making process they unconsciously go through shapes their identity. As a result, when life events occur, they create limiting stories based on the emotions they are experiencing and their biases and conditioning. As a result, their entire identity and view of the world are their perception—a biased, restricted view of what is possible. 


S. O. B. Story – Searching Out the Benefits

A fundamental tool for reshaping your identity is reframing the past by shifting a formerly seen traumatic and damaging experience into a positive one. While difficult times can feel gruelling and painful, we often grow during the most challenging times. When tested, choosing to reframe the situation allows you to rise, push through and come out the other side. You emerge a strengthened, brave and better version of yourself.

The truth is each of us will face a variety of tough times in our life. However, some of our most valuable lessons are only available during tough times. When we choose to navigate the difficult moments, the lessons found in each challenge become the light to the darkness. To overcome the past, you must realize that your beliefs filter your life experiences. You can choose to use the circumstances of your life as stepping stones or stumbling blocks to your progress. So do as Dr. Emma recommends, search out the benefits in each situation.


Diamonds From Coal 

Napoleon Hill once said, most people attained their greatest success, just one step beyond their biggest failure. Here are three steps you can use to find the light during your darkest moments. 

  1. Commit to view every dark hour as merely a setup for great days ahead. 
  2. SOB! Look for the benefits and lessons hidden in each dark moment. 
  3. Recognize that the darkness and adversity are necessary for you to become the person that can give life to a new vision.

We all have a choice. We can become a slave to our pains or conquer them head-on. Trauma does not have to be the thing that defines your life. Instead, look at life’s setbacks as opportunities to test yourself, find your strength, and become stronger. So embrace the test of fire and rise again into a new version of yourself.


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