“If you want to go fast, go by yourself. But, if you want to go far, journey with others.”  – African Proverbs.  

Have you ever entered into a collaboration and got burned?

Or maybe you are collaborating, and everyone is making money except you.

I get it! Many of us have been there at some period in time.

While both may include providing a service to another person or group, the reality is there is a BIG difference between collaboration and exploitation. 

Here is the truth: serving does not equal servitude. 

This week in Unstoppable Mindset, I sat down with Social Media Strategist Turiya Hodge to explore what needs to be in place for healthy and profitable collaborations to occur. This conversation is for you if you want one of the secrets to exponential growth.

We have grown up in a culture that values independence and self-reliance. As a result, we resist depending on others, asking for support, or actively inviting others to contribute to our lives. I see this mentality with some visionaries and entrepreneurs. It is a tendency that I have had to face myself. I have had brilliant ideas but struggled to let go of the belief that I had to do it themselves. Only when I exhausted myself and faced my limitations did I begin to trust others and open myself up to asking for help and eventually collaborations.  


The Power Of Collaboration!

Collaboration is an excellent opportunity for all small businesses, regardless of the industry. Not only will collaboration help you to grow your network and increase revenue, but it can also save you money and teach you something valuable at the same time. The truth is, having a great idea isn’t enough. We need partners to grow, even if it means letting go of the illusion of control. I believe real and enduring strength lies much more in partnerships and collaborations than it does in trying to go it alone. Some of the most successful collaborations are those that bring together different skill sets and strengths.  


What is collaboration?

A simple definition, “Two or more people working together towards shared goals.”

Whatever partnership you’re looking for, getting together with another company or individual can help you scale up your business or add value and new skills. Either way, there are several fundamental aspects to consider when looking for a company or individual with whom to collaborate.

“A clear purpose will unite you as you move forward, values will guide your behaviour, and goals will focus your energy.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard.


#1 Alignment of values!

These are the values that guide your life and business. These principles are fundamental to how you live your life. Like-minded thinking minimizes conflict and opens up excellent opportunities for expansion or innovation. So, a collaboration between members that share business values will most often work much more smoothly.

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#2 Mutual trust and respect! 

Collaboration is about working together. And that demands mutual trust and respect. For a successful partnership to occur, you are required to let go of your ego, surrender power and being willing to do the necessary work to build trust. Ambivalence or withholding of information is likely to breed ill feelings and lead to unequal contributions.


#3 Success Habits are key!

I define your character as your habits expressed over time. It is your automatic way of being: the things you say and the actions you take without conscious thought. The result is that you become known for what you habitually do, which shapes how you show up in the world, the life you design, and how you are known.

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#4 Having a clear definition of success!

To many, success is winning or achieving a goal. Unfortunately, we are socialized to believe it’s a winner-take-all world. As a result, we see people hungry for success chase money, power and material trappings at the expense of their health, relationships and happiness. Chasing success at all costs can destroy a partnership. Consider success is more about the journey than the outcome. I believe success is an experience. The energy you experience when you rise from a challenge, discover your brilliance and embrace your uniqueness. It is to persist, to learn and follow through.


#5 Committed to the other person winning!

To commit to another person’s success requires an abundance mindset, where the only competition that exists is your desire to improve and become better than you were yesterday. It is to view your partner’s success as equally as important as your own. To encourage and celebrate their financial and business success and hold them accountable for their personal and professional growth. The best collaborators network on each other’s behalf, refer clients and even close deals for one another. 


Traditional leadership models were built on hierarchies and managing from the top down. Today, working and collaborating as equals is an integral part of being an entrepreneur. Collaboration with the right partner can be the key to unlocking results that neither of you could attain on your own. In addition, it creates an environment that fosters innovation and creativity—the kind of environment that encourages risk-taking and sharing ideas.

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