“You are as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fears; as young as your hope, as old as your despair”. – Samuel Ullman

Last week we asked our Facebook family what myth might you have unconsciously believed when it comes to aging:

1. Because of my family of origin, I am predisposed to diabetes, high blood pressure gain…

2. It is normal to gain weight as I age.

3. As I age I should limit my physical activity.

4. If I didn’t exercise in my 20s, 30s and 40s, it’s too late to start and expect much to change.

5. Beauty and sex appeal fad as I age.

Which of these myths have you bought into?

The truth is that NONE of them have to become your reality as you get older.

Missed the Facebook Live with 2-time Guinness World Record holder and 8-time award winning Bodybuilding and Figures Champion Wendy Ida? Learn the keys for healthy aging…Get ready to change the conversation about age and take your fabulous back!

Health is so important! It impacts so much of what we’re able to do and how we’re able to enjoy life.

We know aging is inevitable. However, we do have control over whether aging is accompanied by poor health, a loss of a radiant appearance and a sedentary lifestyle!

Here are three simple actions Wendy used as she began her journey to finding her FABULOUS:  And best of all, they are all within your control.

1- Do you have an Earth Angel?

At 43 years young, Wendy left a toxic relationship to begin a new life with her kids. She was 80 pounds overweight and suffering from several health challenges.  Her previous life had left her with no self confidence and she lived in a perpetual state of fear. She new that she needed to do something but did not have the energy or belief in self to do it alone.

Her first step on her journey was to seek out a coach. Someone (her Earth Angel) to guide her and teach her how to create new, healthy habits, while letting go of unhealthy behaviors.

Finding a supportive mentor and ally who believes in your ability, can make all the difference when beginning a health, fitness, and wellness journey.  Their guidance, support and belief can be the encouragement you require to transform your goals into reality so you eventually become your OWN most powerful advocate.

2- Get Your  Head In The Game.

Wendy realized right away, that in order to begin to live the life she was meant to live, she had to DECIDE and commit to the process.  She understood the secret to weight loss was to CHANGE her THOUGHTS. MINDSET is the key. It’s all about REWRITING the stories you tell yourself, about yourself. With the guidance and belief of her coach Wendy set small achievable goals which she had full control over. With patience and consistent action Wendy’s self confidence and self worth began to grow and the story she told herself eventually changed.

Today,  Wendy is an inspiration to countless women and proof that it’s never too late to start. The first person we each must inspire is the person we see in the mirror. What can you do to inspire yourself today?

3- Positive Influencers.

It is often said that “Environment is Stronger than Willpower”.  It’s essential to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. When you cultivate relationships with like minded people, who are on a similar journey, staying on course becomes a little easier. Create a community that motivates you and brings joy and purpose to your life. You become the story you constantly tell yourself about aging. The question becomes what story will you commit to and does your environment support and reinforce your new story.  Find an environment where the conversation allows you to take care of your emotional health.  It’s time to enjoy each day and reap the rewards that become available with maturity, wisdom and life experiences.

Age really is just a number. You are as young or old you feel.  When you balance life experiences with calculated actions, you have a formula for staying healthy and young.

What trajectory are you on right now?…is your health deteriorating with each passing year or. …..are you getting healthier, more fit, and stronger?  

If you DESIRE to get Fit and find your Fabulous, join a community of like minded individuals who truly understand that Age Is Just A Number!