“Accept – then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” ― Eckhart Tolle.

Why do we ignore the data? 

What motivates us to do the same insane behavior and hope for a different result?

Have you dismissed the negative bank account, overextended credit cards or the experiences that damage our most cherished relationships?

Reality check….THE FEEDBACK OR DATA is everywhere!

The first step to improving and transforming your situation is to acknowledge it for what it is!  In this video, I discuss the Mindset Mastery Principle Acceptance.  Find out the steps needed to accept the data and turn failure into opportunity. 

What is acceptance?  

To accept, acknowledge and take an inventory of your present situation.  It is to examine the facts and analyze the data to gain insight and understanding.  Here are steps you can use to accept the data and begin to view it as valuable feedback needed for you to learn, grow and experience transformation.

  1. Look at the data objectively.

Accept what is, without judgement or meaning of yourself or others.  To do so, you must be willing to give up emotions such as shame, blame, guilt and worry.  Your ability to take an unbiased inventory of the facts is the first step to improving any situation.  While fears and doubts are natural human emotions, emotional mastery allows you to choose whether you move from fear and doubt or faith and hope.  

  1. Reframe the meaning you give the event.

Examine the story you are telling yourself about the event.  Our interpretation often is colored by our opinions, beliefs and past experiences.  When you become present with the meaning you give to an event and the emotions it evokes, you are better able to reframe the experience. 

  1. Ask great questions to become solution-focused.

Begin to view the experience as an opportunity for you to learn, grow and become stronger.  You must choose to find the lesson or purpose behind every challenge and embrace it.  To sit in acceptance and practice emotion mastery will allow you to shift your conversation and self-talk, then ask productive and forward-moving questions like: What can I do?  Who can help me?  How can I move forward?  When you ask great questions, your mind goes to find an answer.  At that moment, you begin the shift of turning failure into opportunity.

Everyone has experienced failure in life.  However, the reality is, failure is evolutionary – it helps us to grow and become stronger.  Accepting the data and mastering our mindset allows us to experience the growth that is only possible when we persist and rise from each fall. Success is not just about achieving the goal; it is distinguished by who we choose to become while on the journey.