“Do you know how steel is made stronger? It goes through fire. Do you know how gold is purified? It goes through fire. The best and strongest things in life always go through the fire.” – Unknown

Do you struggle to identify your ideal client?

Perhaps, you know who your ideal client is, but you are unable to make a real connection.

Daily, consumers face advertising overload. Marketers are competing for the attention of their prospects and customers. Consumers are bombarded with so much information, it becomes easy for a business to get lost in the noise. So how do you break through all the noise and make sure your brand stands out? Storytelling! 

So why is storytelling so powerful? A well-crafted story instantly grabs attention, elicits emotion, and engages people. The reality is that the decision to buy is more emotional than logical. Telling a story engages the imagination and heart of the customer and helps to distinguish you from your competitors. Your personal story, the tale that defines your cause, purpose and ultimately why your business exists, will most often catch the attention of the people you desire to serve. Why? People buy what you do before they are ever interested in why you do it. 

Watch my powerful interview with Leadership and Career Coach to Millennials, Rashida Geddes. Learn how Rashida found her voice and the message that attracted her divine client.

Most of us are so conditioned to “fake it until you make it” that we bury our struggles. We downplay our failures, rationalize, hide our fears, and pretend everything is going great. So why bring your story to the world?

It is said that what is most personal, is most universal. That’s why your story brings so much value. Telling your story of transformation is one of the best methods to attract your divine client. Being transparent about the moments in your life that filled you with self-doubt, uncertainty, too many choices or not enough choices, you will connect with those individuals who are experiencing similar struggles and challenges. It is your story that will cut through all the information overload and clutter. The right story will convey a message and influence your divine client.

The story that speaks to your tribe is often born of the personal experiences that have taught you some of your most valuable lessons. It has developed your character and shaped your identity. When you tell a story that gives the audience a glimpse into your private or uncomfortable moments, you are saying I see you, I relate to you, I understand you….., I am like you. 

Use the list below to explore universal challenges and circumstances that connect us: 

  • A group of people with whom you identify (single parent, foster care, widow)
  • A challenge you have overcome that has shaped your life
  • A passion
  • The age group with whom you identify
  • Your gender
  • Your race, cultural or ethnic group
  • Having a disability or being close to someone who has a disability
  • Poverty or loss of wealth
  • Mental illness 
  • Debt or bankruptcy 

Success and leadership begin with first mastering the mindset, emotions and communication of the person you see in the mirror.

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