”Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” – Bob Riley 

Are you in a situation where it seems like quitting or admitting defeat are your only options?

During periods of darkness, do you find yourself wondering, why is this happening to me?

While difficult times can feel gruelling and painful, it is often during the most challenging times that we grow. It is when tested, and you choose to rise, push through and come out the other side, that you emerge a strengthened, brave and better version of yourself.

The truth is each of us will face a variety of tough times in our life. However, some lessons are only available during tough times. It is when we choose to navigate the difficult moments that the lessons found in each challenge become the light to the darkness.

Watch my candid and powerful interview with the author of FAVOR, Kawan Glover. Learn why in his darkest hour, Kawan found himself and his purpose.

As Napoleon Hill once said, most people have attained their greatest success, just one step beyond their greatest failure. Here are three steps you can use to find the light during your darkest moments.

  1. Understand that change is inevitable, and life is a series of ups and downs. It is the opposite in life that allows us to appreciate our blessing. To truly value heat, I must have an understanding of cold.  
  2. Accept your present situation. It is when we embrace our circumstances, does suffering end. To sit in acceptance, we must resist the need to judge, blame, shame or compare ourselves to others.  
  3. Take small steps forward. Begin by learning from your past, rather than being burdened with guilt. It is to use each lesson to plan for the future, rather than worry about what is to come.  

Your darkest hours are merely a setup for great days ahead. To find that great day, we must look for the purpose hidden in those dark moments.  Often you will find a purpose that is larger than you. You will begin to recognize that the darkness and adversity were necessary for you to become the person that can give life to a new vision.

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