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Change is a beautiful thing but how do you know it’s time? It’s an interesting question. I know for myself, that there are moments when I resist change because what’s going on is comfortable for me, and I like it because it’s familiar. I’ve come to learn that staying familiar and comfortable does not move me closer to my goals.

So how do you know that you’ve been doing something for far too long, you’ve outgrown something, or something’s just not working anymore?

SG2 How do you know that its time to change

One of the things I’ve realized for myself, is that I recognize when it’s time for change when conflict occurs. The conflict can either be internal, in terms of I intuitively know that something’s off, or there is a conflict in values. What I mean by a conflict in values is that I’ve valued something before, however I have grown and my values  and beliefs have changed and now there is a rub. It might be that a situation has occurred that is challenging my values, and there conflict is between what’s going on and the values I hold. When I have an internal conflict, I realize that my productivity declines and I need to resolve it before I can get back to my desired way of being.

Another way you know that it is time to change is when there is external conflict. That can be a conflict between you and another person, you and a group, or even you and an experience that’s outside of you. The cool thing about conflict, is if you look at it from a place of; it’s not about right or wrong or about good or bad, but as an opportunity for change, growth and expansion, it can become a beautiful thing. We are socialized to believe that conflict as bad. I’ve learned that conflict is my access to change. It’s my access to more, it’s my access to transformation. If I embrace conflict and ask myself what I am supposed to learn, what am I supposed to do differently and what am I meant to change, usually something comes up and I get the opportunity to begin to do things differently.

Over the past 6 months there has been a lot of growth for me, which naturally means there has been a lot of internal conflict. I know I am being challenged to learn, grow, expand and begin to do things differently, and in some cases, move on, however it has been challenging. Even as I know the change will bring new things, it’s natural to resist at the beginning. But once I stop resisting, step into acceptance, and examine what’s going on, there is always something beautiful that evolves and new opportunities come toward me.

What I’d like to leave you with is if you are willing to embrace when you feel conflict, whether it be internal, (which you can feel in your gut or in tension in your body) or if it is external, (a difference of opinion with others) and look for the learn and the growth, there is usually new opportunities. The key to success is to have the internal strength to push through your initial resistance long enough… to access the transformation on the other side.

Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author. Knowing that Health plus wealth creates freedom, Suzan’s mindset mastery hardworking, result driven, busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who secretly feel isolated, overworked and underpaid, to honour their commitment to get fit, feel fabulous, and ultimately live a rich and fulfilled life. Suzan’s desire is for you to be unapologetically recognized for your value, financially rewarded for your brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of yourself. Suzan Hart went from physically exhausted and financially upside down to become a Black Woman Millionaire. She is the creator of the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled program. To book Suzan to speak visit www.suzanhart.com.