I don’t know about you but I once believed that having a great education and working really hard would give me the life I deserve.

My mother brought my sister and I from Trinidad to Canada, with the sole intention of giving us a better education so we could have access to a better life. The younger of two girls, I watched my mother’s never give up attitude and her amazing ability to triumph and create diamonds from coal.

I became an over-producer just like my mother and I learned to create massive results in everything I did. As I went on my educational journey, I was also successful in track, basketball and competitive bodybuilding. I became the person we all have been taught to believe will make our families proud and our communities a better place.

I became a highly effective family, individual and group counsellor, with a specialty in crisis and mediation. I worked extensively in the areas of Child Welfare and Women’s Services. As my career progressed I managed a women’s shelter, cross cultural counselling service, and one of the largest drop-in shelters in the downtown area of the city of Toronto.

At 38 I found myself working 50+ hour weeks, on call on weekends, stressed and exhausted. No matter how much I slept I never felt rested. Activities that were once fun felt overwhelming. I was 10 pounds underweight, and the athletic physic I once had, looked battered and frail. On the home front I was $50,000 upside down in credit card debt with a lien on my house and in a marriage that was failing due to the financial stress.

I felt like a FRAUD. On the outside I maintained the façade that all is well, while on the inside I walked with anger, shame and disappointment. I had done what I was told, followed the recipe, why was I failing?

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Was I insane? Something had to change, but what? And how? I was praying for an answer.

Sometimes the miracle you are looking for does not come in the package you expect.

My prayers were answered when I least expected them: in a phone call from a friend. She told me about a company that was helping people transform their health, and co-create wealth. She shared with me that through the simple process of reclaiming my health and becoming and example for others I could begin on a path to financial freedom. The timing of her call was perfect! The pain in my life had become so great that I was willing to try almost anything to stop the insanity. So I said YES. Yes to reclaiming my health, my time and my worth.

Health is interesting thing; it’s a journey that takes a daily commitment. The program this company offered was simple and it allowed me to give my health the attention it needed every day. Within days I began to feel my energy coming back. It felt like some one had plugged me into an electrical socket and recharged my body. I was waking up before my alarm for the first time in years. I had mental clarity, energy to burn and a sense of well-being that is hard to describe. My eyes got back their shine, and my skin regained a healthy glow. As I returned to the gym I watched my lean muscle begin to increase and my body fat decrease. I was surprised at how amazing I felt. You see, when you are thin, people assume you are healthy. Although I was not sick I was far from healthy. Today I have put on about 10 pound of lean muscle. I am healthier and I look younger and feel younger than I did 10 years ago.

1% of 100 People’s Efforts

As my health improved everyone began to notice. People were asking what I was doing and how they could get started. It was exciting. Friends and family were reclaiming their health and I was making money.

Every time I shared, and gave the company a referral I got paid. More interestingly, beyond that, every time one of my friends shared I also got paid. I understood the power of word of mouth: if there was a sale at a store, I would always tell my friends. But I’d never truly seen the value and power of my referrals. Now, I can’t imagine how much my money my favourite shoe store would owe me if they only paid for referrals!

We all have a network of friends, family, and colleagues. The reality is we refer every day. Now imagine your network locking arms and supporting one another. Imagine having 1% of the time, productivity, and buying power of everyone in your network. When I was exhausted at my job, I only had 100% of my efforts to create income. Therefore, my income was limited because of the finite number of hours I could work each day. The sad reality was that someone else determined how much I was worth.

My income had a ceiling.

When I lock arms with hundreds and thousands of like-minded people and I ask for 1% of their time, productivity and buying power the possibilities for each of us becomes limitless. Over the past 10 years I have personally blessed over 200 lives with the gift of health. Those 200 plus people have locked arms with more people, forming a community of thousands who have reclaimed their health.

Financially, we have helped mothers earn enough to stay home and raise their children. We have given fathers the opportunity to work less and participate in their children’s activities more. We have helped people get out of debt, and make enough additional income to pay their mortgage or car payment each month. Members of our community are going on vacations, saving for retirement or their children’s education. All because we took John D. Rockefeller’s famous words, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts” to heart.

Personally, I have gone from financially upside down to financially free. Along the way, I have realized that I am not alone: hundreds of ordinary people just like me are looking to live extraordinary lives.

It is time to evaluate your skills and determine how they would best serve you. I believe you have ample knowledge and great skills. It is time to get clear on your priorities and take 100% responsibility for your habits and mindset. It is time to harness your drive and determination, and bring your passion to life. I invite you to put your ladder up against a different wall and trust your ability to create the changes that will give you and your family the life you deserve.

Welcome to the F!T Is The New $eXy Movement. We are black men and women who have drawn a line in the sand and have chosen to reclaim our health, co-create generational wealth and become a beacon of Physical and Financial fitness in the black community.

Our vision is to free families to live an extraordinary life of physical and financial fitness.

Physical fitness focuses on health from the inside out. True fitness is not a result of a fad diet. It results from a daily journey of healthy eating and exercise as well as spiritual and emotional development.

Financial fitness is more than hustling to break even at the end of the month. It’s learning how to attract wealth and make money work FOR us, instead of us working to chase money. Our focus is on community cooperation, reinvestment, and having our dollar go to work within our families and communities to create generational wealth.

Sexy is an energy that comes from the inside out. True sexiness cannot be put on like a tight dress, or a pair of pants. It cannot be found in the perfect weave, manicure or hair cut.

So why is F!T the new $eXy? Because when you feel healthy and energetic, you reclaim an internal power and confidence. Sexy is the energy we each put into the world when we are confident in our ability to produce results and secure our own financial foundation.

It’s time to stop the insanity! It’s time to BREAK FREE! No One Breaks Free Alone. Let us lead the way.

Join the Fit Is The New Sexy movement by visiting www.fitisthenewsexy.ca


Suzan Hart is a master trainer, author and coach with over a decade of experience in counselling. She has worked extensively in women’s services and child welfare and specializes in crisis and mediation. Personally, she’s found that optimal health has lead the way to financial health and is passionate about sharing life-changing options and opportunities with those who need them most. She is a millionaire in the profession of network marketing and the founder and president of HartZone Inc. Suzan is the founder of the #FitIsTheNewSexy movement.