“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” – Earl Nightingale

Are you distracted, weighed down or experiencing overall chaos in your life?

Are these feelings getting in the way of your dreams and success? 

Consider that your internal state is influenced by your external state and therefore you may want to start with decluttering your home, your relationships and your mindset. 

Watch the video as I discuss the Mindset Mastery Principle, Clearing. Learn how to create space in your life for abundance to flow. This discussion is designed to help you create an environment that pulls for your success.

The environment with which we surround ourselves is very often a direct expression of where we are emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Excessive clutter is often both the symptom and the cause of feelings such as stress, anxiety, overwhelm and even despair.  It can affect every facet of your life and prevent you from achieving success in areas of your life you otherwise would be able to achieve.  Excess clutter can impact your money, time, relationships and wellbeing.

To help you create a clearing and eliminate or reduce clutter, let’s look at 4 key areas you can begin to evaluate to create an environment which pulls for your success:

What is a Clearing?

A clearing is space:  physical, emotional, and time. Decluttering your life is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to create an environment that pulls for your success.

Do you have a clearing, or are you inundated with the unnecessary? 

I believe we must create a clearing to allow new energy to flow and fill the void with what we desire. There is no room in a cup that is already filled to the brim.  I believe that to create true abundance and to move toward our dreams, we must create a clearing in three key areas of our life. We must create a physical clearing, a clearing in time, a peer and influence clearing as well as a financial clearing.

1- Physical Clearing

The clutter in your house, office, or car can consciously or unconsciously be draining your energy.  Address the clutter by setting aside a few minutes each day to clean out a drawer or closet.  This small act will allow you to reclaim energy and clear your mind of distraction.  You will begin to feel a difference in your mood and focus. You will begin to reclaim control over your internal and external environment.

2- Time Clearing

Are there more activities than hours in the day? Evaluating what is taking up your time and eliminating activities and tasks from your schedule that no longer serve you is the first step to mastering yourself in time. Michael Hyatt says: “What gets scheduled gets done.” It’s important to assign your time to the tasks that need to get done by you and learn to delegate tasks that can be accomplished by someone else.  This will ensure how you use your time is moving you towards your goals and dreams.  

3- Peer & Influence Clearing 

Who you spend the most time with shapes who you are. They influence your thinking, communication and emotions.  They either increase your energy by feeding and inspiring you or they suck your vital life energy out of you with a negative view of the world.  In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Your peers and influencers have the ability to determine what conversations dominate your attention. It is crucial to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who hold you to a high standard.  It is also necessary to manage the information coming at you from external sources such as radio, the internet and books.  

4- Financial Clearing

Finances are at the forefront of most of our minds at this time. For some, the tendency may be not to look.  However, getting present to what’s going on is essential to decluttering your finances.  Becoming clear on where you allocate your resources can make the difference between accumulating unnecessary debt and becoming financially independent. Clearing, downsizing and organizing your finances can also help you feel less stressed and more empowered about your money and more secure about your future.

As you take on Creating A Clearing, let us know what impact it has on your energy and ultimately your life.