Wendy Knight Agard

Whether you want to lose weight, let go of old patterns or transform your life in some other way, it’s worth investing a moment in the idea of accepting where you are now, with no judgement. Just because you want to get to a different place doesn’t mean you need to hate the place you’re in now. So for today, practice a little self-acceptance. Say to yourself: “Even though I want to further my transformation, where I am right now is ok and I’m ready to take the next step to move forward”.  When you start from a place of self-acceptance, you’ll get to where you are going faster.

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Wendy Knight Agard, Everyday GeniusTM, DHM

Wendy Knight Agard helps people ignite their Everyday GeniusTM through transformational coaching at the physical, emotional and soul/spiritual levels. She facilitates successful transformations through individual guidance, corporate “play” shops and keynote speaking.