“True success is not about what you have but about whom you become.” Unknown

Success in anything we chose to do requires a team.  A team of leaders who holds a common vision. The question then becomes how does one attract, meet and create the opportunity to partner with like-minded leaders who are as effective or even better than you?  Over the years I have learned that the people I am looking for are also looking for me.  So in order to attract dynamic productive leaders, I have learned I must become a reflection of the person I desire to partner with. To create success I must become the leader others desire to partner with and follow.   You see our success or income cannot surpass our character.  The leader must show up before the money. The leader who continuously seeks to better self will attract amazing people and create an abundant life.

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey I had much to learn. I arrived with a clear set of beliefs, values and ingrained habits. The habits and beliefs that ran my life resulted in me being over worked, physically and mentally exhausted, as well as financially upside down. Anything but a picture perfect life. Here are a few my traits:

  1. I had an ingrained job mentality. For years someone else had determined my worth, defined what I did and set the parameter for my creativity. They determined when I took time off and how long I could be sick.
  2. I had values that were passed on from my family and community. These shaped my beliefs and dictated my actions. “You must work hard, life is a struggle, and money does not grow on trees.
  3. I was discouraged and beaten up by life itself.   I had settled for so long I was afraid to dream.
  4. I focused on what was not working. I allowed life’s challenges to get the better of me. I was accustom to struggling an expected nothing to be easy.
  5. I feared failure. I saw failure as proof to the world that I was not worthy of success.
  6. I was afraid to ask for help. I was an island often unwilling to reach out and ask for support.

Unfortunately these beliefs and behaviors kept me in survival mode. It was not until the pain of living an unfulfilled life became unbearable, that I truly embraced personal development. This one change, moved me from a scarcity mentality into what Fredric Lehman calls a “prosperity consciousness.” I began to devour books and CDs. I invested a large percentage of my earning into my growth by attending seminars, training and events. I immersed myself into environments where growth was expected and living outside your comfort zone was the norm, “comfortably uncomfortable.”

I have heard it said, “A better future happens the moment you transcend your thinking pattern and habitual habits.” In other words when I became willing to change my mind, I was able to change my choices. Changing my inner reality had a direct impact on my outer reality.

As we embark on the last few months of the year take a moment to reflect on what you have achieved thus far. Be in gratitude for all that has gone well. Be in gratitude for all that has not gone so well. Be grateful because this is your opportunity to grow. Embrace each challenge by asking yourself what is the gift inside each challenge. Identify the habit you may need to change and commit to a journey that will have you grow past each challenge and reap the rewards you deserve.


Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author.  Knowing that your inner game creates your outer game Suzan’s mindset mastery, teaches hard working, results driven black men and women, to be un-apologetically recognized for their value, financially rewarded for their brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves.  Suzan Hart went from physically exhausted and financially upside down to becoming a Black Woman Millionaire. Suzan Hart is president of HartZone Inc and the founder of the F!T is the New $eXy movement.  Learn more and claim your free gift at http://www.hartzone.com