Leading with Character Book Study – Sept 10th – Oct 1st

Are you ready for real growth, change and transformation?

My fascination with habits and my desire to truly understand leadership inspired me to write the book “Leading With Character.” I had a burning desire to develop the character that myself and others could trust and count on.

I wanted to be known as a leader because I understood the power and privilege of being in leadership.

If I told you I could show you how to gain a deeper understanding of the habits that create great leaders and champions would you be interested? I’d like to lead you through a discussion that explores the power of habits that, when embodied will enable you to grow and enhance your leadership capacity and attract quality individuals to your team or business.

A Special Message From Suzan

Ever wondered how to lead yourself and become a person that people view as an effective leader and want to follow? Ever pondered how you were going to develop the character of a leader?

To answer this question is to understand a working definition of the word “Character.” Your character is the sum total of your daily habits, executed over time. It is your automatic way of being. The things you say and the actions you take without conscious thought. The end result is you become known for what you habitually do, and that in turn shapes how you show up in the world, the life you design and the character you are known for.

I’d like to personally invite you to my 

4-week Leading with Character Book Study 

In this Book Study I will share my working definition of the habits I believe can transform a person’s life. Among them will be the 10 habits that each player embodies to win a championship.

You will leave each class with the following:

  • A working definition of each habit.
  • A formula that will assist you to embodying each habit.
  • A clear image of the behaviors that evokes positive emotions and clear and powerful action.
  • Insight around the habits you will be required to focus on.
  • An opportunity to implement a plan designed to improve your mastery for each habit.
  • A fun experience.

My quest for leadership was how my mother taught me to cope with challenges and adversity. You see, leaders are defined by their character and individuals with great character consistently rise above the hardships and uncertainty that life and business bring. Learning to lead myself allowed me to develop independent thoughts, behaviors and actions. It taught me consistency of habits and actions, eventually determined how people chose to treat me. I trust this book study will give you the tools to rise above your circumstances and take the lead in defining your life.

I want to help you grow in this area and develop better habits. 

Sow an act, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a character
Sow a character, reap a destiny.

Most recently we have witnessed the Toronto Raptors bring the NBA championship north for the first time. This inspired followers to chant “we are the north!”

In St. Louis, the St. Louis Blues brought the Stanley Cup home to their city for the first time in franchise. history. I got to witness firsthand the passion of a devoted fan, as I watched my friend Jackie cheer and shout passionate words of encouragement while we watch the game from her living room. Yes, she was shouting at the TV.

The US Women’s Soccer Team recently returned victorious, bring home The World Cup. Each player became an overnight hero. A person of influence in their community.


The question is …what do each of the individual have in common?


They all possess the heart of a champion and the habits of an exceptional leader.

Are you ready to master the habits that will give you more influence and impact in business?

Are you ready to lead with the heart and mind of a championship and transform every area of your life?



If you answer is a solid YES, The Leading With Character Book Study is for you!

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