“Leadership is not a person or a position. It is a complex moral relationship between people based on trust, obligation, commitment, emotion, and a shared vision of the good.” – Joanne Ciulla

Are you tired of finding little to no female representation in positions of leadership?

Have you been told that “women are natural-born leaders?” Me too. Yet, there is still a wide gap between men and women in leadership roles. 

The business world is full of strong women leaders who’ve shown up and done the work. From leading nations to standing up for human rights, to running the world’s most important organizations, women continue to shape the world through their leadership.

While the gap between men and women in leadership roles is decreasing, there still remains a huge disparity between them. According to a 2019 Lean In study about women in the workplace, women only hold 21% of C-suite positions. Yet, studies have also shown that once women land leadership positions, they excel because they have developed the skills necessary for effective leadership. Traits like empathy, communication and listening are qualities that serve women well when in management and leadership positions. In fact, according to Natasha Hampton, in the United States, women are the backbone and make up 57% of the workforce.

If you are a woman on a mission, I know this conversation speaks to you. 

Watch my interview with the author of High Heel Leadership – Natasha Hampton. This powerful sister will be discussing the art of effective leadership. Come find out why Natasha believes it is time we embrace our roles, learn how to play the game, and understand that changes in the workplace won’t happen until we do something differently. Join the conversation as Natasha shares why we have the power and why we must evoke it.

Throughout Natasha’s journey and career, she has seen many women that have the potential to step into leadership but don’t. Here are the 3 top reasons she believes stops women.

1- Fear of the unknown.

2- Compare ourselves to our counterparts. 

3- We hold ourselves to a standard that no one else is asking us to hold ourselves to. 

If you have found yourself avoiding leadership positions, I would like to encourage you to take a leap of faith.  Consider that the circumstances that scare you are a perfect opportunity for growth.  That you might be comparing your beginning to someone’s middle.  We all have to start somewhere.   Most importantly, within each of us, there is all we need to achieve success.  However, it is the situation that stretches us and demands that we grow which most often allows us to find the brilliance that lives within.

I invite you to read High Heel Leadership by Natasha Hampton to be inspired by her journey and to learn some practical leadership tips and strategies.