“The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term, is the indispensable prerequisite for success.” – Brian Tracy

Whether you are seeking success in business, finance, health or even relationships, victory is experienced when you are able to get past your desire for immediate rewards and survive the disappointments, challenges and delays, that are part of the journey to achieving any worthy goal.

Your ability to Delay Gratification is not only an important part of achieving your goals, it is vital for long-term life success and overall well-being. Delayed gratification is mastery over your habits, thinking, emotions and communication. 

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It is said that “all things come to those who wait”! However, for many of us avoiding a temptation that is directly in front of us in an effort to achieve something better that is down the road, can be a losing battle.

Let’s look at 3 tips to improve your ability to delay gratification and how it can change your approach to your health.

  • Focus on your goals versus targets!

Consider that a target is something you desire to achieve in the future. It is an aspiration that gets your full attention, energy and focus. Unfortunately, when you will hit your target is most often not 100% within your control. It is the uncertainty of when or if you will ever hit your target that makes delayed gratification a challenge.

I like to view a goal as the activities and actions you consistently do in order to move towards your target. Unlike a target, achieving a goal is most often within your control. Your control lives in your commitment. It is choosing to honor a specific and measurable commitment at the given date and time. 

To practice delayed gratification is when you aim at or set a clear target, yet each day you chose to focus on the goals or commitments that will move you closer to your target. In the interview, Cindy shared that when she focused on the simple goal of honoring her commitment to waking up and exercising every morning, she began to move towards her target.  Focusing on the goal rather than the target gave Cindy a sense of achievement and daily small wins to celebrate. The compounded effect of the small wins eventually created her big win as she eventually hit her target. 

  • Start small!

The key to success is to not ask your mind to do more than it can adjust to.  For example, Cindy shared that she began to work-out for only five minutes each day.  The reality is she could wrap her head around making time to work out for 5 minutes. The small commitment created no resistance in her mind and she knew she could win. 

Being consistent with her five-minute workouts and gradually increasing this activity allowed Cindy to feel comfortable with this new behavior. Now 1 year later, she is working out 30-40 minutes a day from the comfort of her home. 

  • Celebrate being and honoring your word!

I believe that success in an experience rather than a target. Success is the personal integrity and trust you build when you do what you say you’re going to do, even when no one is watching. It is the experience of growing and conquering what you once thought was impossible. It is knowing you are achieving a new level of mastery and discipline. It is who you become.  

Success is the magnificent byproduct of delayed gratification. It is the confidence, self-esteem, and trust that is only available when you honor your word. Practicing delayed gratification and being true to your word will always leave you feeling empowered. 

Identify one area in your life where you have a desire to experience success. What goals can you set that will allow you to delay gratification and mine the gap between where you are and where you desire to be?