“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” —Thomas Jefferson

Are you starting to feel like sticking to your workout routine isn’t worth it anymore?

Maybe you are disappointed because all those long hours at the gym are not giving you the results you expected.

Or perhaps you are tired and bored and think about quitting.

Missed the Facebook Live? Suzan answers one of the ongoing questions about exercise for weight loss: “Cardio or Strength Training?” the secret behind the weight loss being experienced by members of the Fit & Fab 6AM Club.

The answer to that question is BOTH! Cardio and strength training are equally important for weight loss. This combination is a sure recipe for success when complemented with good nutrition.

Let’s explore 3 key benefits to combining strength and cardio training:

1. Healthier all around

When combining strength training and cardio you get a more complete workout. Strength training helps build lean muscles and joints, while cardio increases endurance as well as lung and heart capacity. The result is better overall posture, flexibility, strength, balance and performance.

2. Lose weight faster

Strength training helps increase lean muscle mass which in turn leads to an increased metabolism. Consider your metabolism as the amount of energy your body uses to move and maintain life. It simply takes more energy to move muscle than it does fat. When a body with increased muscle does cardio, the result is more calories are burned. Short intervals of cardio followed by two set of weights or other forms of strength training is most effective. The challenge is to limit rest time throughout your workout.

3. Achieve your fitness goal

When you combine cardio and strength training with quality nutrition the result we are seeing is faster results.  Let’s be real, seeing results is motivating. It keeps you encouraged and more likely to stay on track. I recommend changing up your workout. The variety will decrease the chances you will plateau while ensuring that you won’t get tired of your workout regime.

If you desire RESULTS and are committed to getting Fit and Feeling Fabulous, I invite you to connect with us and find out how you can join the Fit & Fab 6AM Crew.