When a Shift is About to Happen, Growth is Always Required.

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you know that you have the opportunity to expand, grow and reach a new level of success in your business, or benefit from a new opportunity? Did you take the opportunity and do the work required? Or did the moment pass as soon as the emotion of the experience start to fade?

In my life, a shift is about to happen. I feel it in my bones and in my being right now. Every time this happens I remind myself that the person, the leader, always shows up before the money. In other words, what happens in my mind must create and be prepared for, the results that I am seeking. I’m required to grow into the person that can handle what I am asking for.

I know that there is a need for me to expand. I believe this happens for everyone. If my mind and my identity hasn’t expanded to the extent of that which I receive, I know that I won’t own it, I won’t keep it and it what I receive will be fleeting.

SG7 Growth occurs when there is discontent with status quo However growth and comfort cannot coexist.

So as I sit in this place where I can feel a shift happening, I ask myself what it is that I am required to be – to expand to, and meet the next best version of myself. I’ve learned to look in two areas: Skills/Knowledge and Mindset/Inner voice. New knowledge I’ve discovered is often easy to acquire because I don’t have to do it myself. I can hire someone or create a partnership and often I can depend on the other person to do the work around the new knowledge or skill.

The interesting thing is the new mindset or inner voice, can be more challenging. For me to grow I may need to let go of some old habits, patterns or beliefs, and create room for new habits, patterns and beliefs.

I remember when I first started on this journey I went to the Millionaire Mind Intensive and heard T. Harv Eker for the first time. He got me present to this thing called “My Money Mindset”. I was a saver however I was a saver from a place of fear, not from a place of abundance – and those are two very different things. I was a saver from a place of fear; a fear of not having enough, the fear of having to go without, the fear of losing it all – which is not a really great place to sit in terms of money.

SG4 New knowledge is often easier to acquire than new habits, beliefs and patterns. When you master self you become the master of your destiny.

I also had a belief that I had to work really, really, hard to get money. At that point I was not yet making a 6 figure income. It was about 16 years ago and I was financially upside down and burnt out. What’s interesting is, if I had that mindset today, I’d believe I have to work harder and harder and harder and harder, to get the income I desire. Thankfully I now know I’m required to work smarter, to leverage, to collaborate and shift my thinking… so I’m truly open and expecting to receive. I also understand that money is not to be saved from a place of fear, but money is to be invested and in flow in different areas of my life.

As I’m growing and preparing for things to happen in my world, I’m being present to where I am internally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally around receiving. Receiving new information, receiving new work and receiving new money.

SG2 To live into your vision is to choose to expand and step into a new identity

And so my ask of you is, as you prepare for the next for the next quarter of the year, I want you to walk with an expectation of receiving more, an expectation of abundance. The question I’m going to ask you is are you ready to receive? They say that luck or your miracle occurs when opportunity meets preparation. The truth is opportunities are always there, it is when you are prepared that you actually see them. I do believe that a miracle is when opportunity meets preparation and it happens with such ease because you are so prepared and so ready that it feels like it falls into your lap. It’s not really falling into your lap, it is that you took the actions to have you prepared, so you could see the miracle, see the gift, see the opportunity and easily receive.


Suzan Hart is an inspirational speaker, master trainer and author. Knowing that Health plus wealth creates freedom, Suzan’s mindset mastery hardworking, result driven, busy professionals and entrepreneurs, who secretly feel isolated, overworked and underpaid, to honour their commitment to get fit, feel fabulous, and ultimately live a rich and fulfilled life. Suzan’s desire is for you to be unapologetically recognized for your value, financially rewarded for your brilliance, and celebrated for the fullest expression of yourself. Suzan Hart went from physically exhausted and financially upside down to become a Black Woman Millionaire. She is the creator of the Fit, Fab and Fulfilled program. To book Suzan to speak visit www.suzanhart.com.

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