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Sticks, Stones & Words: How You Can Take Violence Out of Communication – The Leadership Group

“Sticks & stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.”  Do you remember hearing this as a kid? Adults often say something like it when a child is upset over being called names or made fun of.

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Becoming the “Eye of the Storm” – Suzan Hart

  In 1983 I graduated from university. I remember how proud I felt. Here I was with 6 years of post secondary education, two degrees and ready to take my rightful place in the work force. I had secured employment

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Guiding Principles – Suzan Hart

Did you miss the Suzan Speaks Call? Listen in as Suzan has a conversation about Guiding Principles, one of the leadership characteristics found on her Leadership Inventory and Assessment Suzan Speaks Guiding Principles Next Suzan Speaks Call, Thursday May 9th

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