Mindset Mastery Speaker
When you Master your Mindset, you Master your Life!

“To master your mindset is to condition your mind through insight and self-knowledge. It is to understand how your habits, thinking, emotions and communication impact your health, your wealth and ultimately your freedom.”
-Suzan Hart

…Powerful, Engaging and Simply Brilliant!

“Suzan’s message on mindset mastery was mind blowing. Our audience loved her speech and raved about timeliness and relevance of her message in light of the challenges they deal with on a daily basis. Suzan’s message was powerful, engaging and simply brilliant!”


Give Your People the Tools They Need to Perform at Their Best!

Experience a conversation designed to shift culture and introduce a mindset that encourages innovation, personal growth, empowered communication and mindset mastery. Did you know that Individuals with a high level of personal mastery will often produce more results?  When mindset mastery becomes the foundation for culture, leaders take on the responsibility for developing the mindset, communication, habits and emotional mastery necessary for personal fulfillment.  This creates an environment where innovation and growth become the norm, and above-average earnings are a natural result.

Suzan’s Most Popular Programs Can Be Customized For Your Group 

Programs may be offered in the form of training, keynotes, workshops or breakouts. Suzan will work with you to create the perfect program for your organization and event. 

Search high and low and you won’t find another speaker more dedicated than Suzan to making your event a success!


Mindset Mastery Keynote

Experience the freedom that is available when you have mastery over how life’s influences impact your thinking, habits, communication, and emotions.

Real joy, freedom and success are only possible through exceptional habits, daily routines and self-leadership. It is born of the emotional mastery necessary to create measurable goals and the integrity to execute a clear plan. Mindset Mastery will give you the resiliency to rise from a challenge, discover your brilliance and embrace your uniqueness. To embrace mastery is to understand your responsibility to be wealthy in finance, thought, action and spirit. It is time to gain the wisdom of how your habits, communication and emotions influence your daily practices and your ability to create the outcomes you desire.

Wellness Mastery Keynote

Experience the strength, energy and confidence that is available when you are emotionally and physically fit.

You are most likely here because you have come to understand that fad diets and extreme workouts have you feeling anything but fantastic.  It’s time to embrace the reality that health, wellness and fitness is a mindset.  It is a way of thinking that must be present before it can become a way of being. Health is not that just an activity. It is not cosmetic or superficial.  The journey to physical, emotional and spiritual fitness begins by managing emotions, changing habits, exploring your beliefs and committing to simple daily actions.  It’s time to develop the mindset that has you get fit, feel fantastic and live a fulfilled life!

Individuals with mindset mastery produce better results and contribute at higher levels, ultimately putting them in the position to receive more promotions and other opportunities for advancement. More opportunity and advancements create a sense of personal fulfillment and access to above average earnings.

So, let me ask you this…

Do you or your organization desire the strength and confidence that is possible through mindset mastery?

How about the opportunity to experience how magnificent and extraordinary it is to be part of an environment where your team has healthy professional habits?

Are you ready to create a culture where everyone is encouraged to tap into their true brilliance and unleash their personal mastery?

If your answer is YES…

I’d love to share how my mindset and wellness mastery programs can help transform your people and culture.