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cropped-Leading-With-Character-Banner_1281.gifLeading with Character

Book: By Suzan Hart

On her journey to entreprenurial success, Suzan has discovered the secret of highly successful business leaders is found in their daily routines. Suzan shows you how to step-by-step take conscious control of your relationship with language so you can “Master the Habits of Highly Successful Business Leaders.”

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Antidote for Isolation PlaybookAFI Square Banner

WIN the Million Dollar Game

How many more times will you PIMP your BRAIN for pennies on the dollar and not be recognized for your value, and financially rewarded for your BRILLIANCE?

This is for HARD WORKING, results driven Entrepreneurs, Service Providers, Healers, Network Marketers and Corporate Professionals who have a DESIRE to be unapologetically recognized for their value,  financially rewarded for their brilliance,
and celebrated for the fullest expression of themselves!… READ MORE

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Understanding Your Racial & Cultural BlueprintRacial & cultural blueprint banner

Our Beliefs Create Our Reality

Being seen as someone who is marginalized may have you walk through the world with defenses high, not trusting, and with the belief that success for someone like you, will be a struggle and an uphill climb. The belief is, access to abundance often lies in the hands of someone else. The reality is that most people who have experienced racism, exclusion, poverty or oppression, unconsciously move through life with negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about themselves and those like them. This belief is called: “Their Racial Blueprint.”

This workshop series will assist leaders committed to cultural competency to open a dialogue that will not only allow team members to examine their beliefs, but also equip each individual with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage issues related to power, privilege and oppression… READ MORE

Personal Transformation Blueprintptb banner

The First Person I Lead Is Myself

Are you the person waiting for permission to lead?

I have since learned that the right to lead is actually my decision. It’s a posture and a frame of mind. Here’s the truth, your success will come when you’re willing to be venerable, fully expressed and risk leading yourself…

It’s up to you to choose…in this moment… RIGHT NOW… to lead. It is up to you to take the actions that will create the results you desire. Who you are ‘being’ is what allows you to attract powerful people and powerful results.

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fff-total-body-transformation-banner#FitFabnFun Total Body Transformation

Health is a Journey, not a Destination

Health is a journey, not a destination… and our success is determined by how fabulous we feel and how much fun we have along the way. During this 8 week Tele-course, Suzan shares her insights from her journey to lifelong health and how she learned being fit is a commitment that we pick up and live into each and every day. Are you ready to make Health a Journey and not a Destination …So you can FINALLY feel FIT, look FABULOUS and have FUN creating the success and life you desire?

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#FitFabnFun Tropical RetreatScreen Shot 2016-04-19 at 10.00.43 AM

Health is a Journey, not a Destination

Join Suzan Hart’s #FitFabnFun Retreat to discover the REAL barriers holding You back from achieving your health goals! As we explore the beaches of RedFrog, we will begin the inner work that makes the outer work. This program is an adventure, get ready to put theory into practice. Get ready for a tropical adventure, designed to help you set goals, create new habits and transform your beliefs. It is time to honour, love and embrace the uniqueness that is you.


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