Mind Your Mindset

SG5 Be the small fish in the big pond!

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This week I would like to start our conversation by thanking Ms Linda C Clemons for hosting a wonderful event a few weekends ago in Indianapolis. It was a dynamic event with Table Top discussions and gifted speakers. To all my Sisterpreneurs in the room, OH-My-Gosh, it was just so much fun to meet each and every one of you.

Every time I go to an event, I arrive with the expectation that I’m going to meet someone or have a conversation that’s going to touch me or change the way I look at things.

One of the conversations I had at this particular event, was on the topic of Influence and how it affects our mindset.  I asked myself “Who am I truly spending my time with?”  I was really looking to see if I was putting myself in spaces, situations and relationships, that allow me to grow.

SG4 I have learned to surround myself with people who stretch me. People who’s presence demands that I grow, because the distance between us is significant.

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When a Shift is About to Happen, Growth is Always Required.

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you know that you have the opportunity to expand, grow and reach a new level of success in your business, or benefit from a new opportunity? Did you take the opportunity and do the work required? Or did the moment pass as soon as the emotion of the experience start to fade?

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Jump “Outside the Box” and Ignite Your Passion!

Thumbnail Jump -Outside the Box- and Ignite Your Passion

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Have you ever asked yourself, “What am I passionate about?”

This was a question I asked myself 12 years ago. At that point I wasn’t really clear on what I was truly passionate about. What I did know was that I was tired of what I was doing at that time. Going to work every day became hard and arduous. I really wanted to feel excited again. I wanted to feel fulfilled. I wanted to feel joy and passion in my life again.

One of the things I was required to do, was to ask myself “What has me be and feel passionate?”

SG3 It’s time to take a leap of faith, trust your heart, and create from your passion.

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